How I Got Started

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I’ve been asked several times how I got started or interested in bodybuilding, so I thought it may be time to just create a post about it! So, if you were curious…here are the answers!


This Prep is Different


Some of you may know that I changed coaches this year. I was looking for someone who would be relational, empathetic, transparent, supportive, encouraging and just there for me. (In addition to the obvious knowledge, skill, results etc.) I found an incredible coach and I couldn’t be happier!

Low Carb Veggie Protein Pancake


You may have seen some of my previous pancake recipes on here and noticed that I don’t seem to be eating them lately. Well, here is why: I am cutting. That means that in order to burn bodyfat, I have lower carbs and lower fats in my overall diet. So, sadly, my high carb and high protein pancakes had to go. I still freaking LOVE pancakes, and couldn’t stand the thought of not having a protein pancake every morning! So I created a lower carb version that is packed full of awesome micronutrients!

Living Fit // Struggles Lately

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I knew this day would come. The day where I fell flat on my face. In fact, it wasn’t just one day. It was a weekend. I had a breakdown and I didn’t know how to stop it. I felt like a kid getting caught stuffing cake in their mouth with frosting all over their face. That feeling of shame, guilt, disappointment, frustration and just exhaustion. It happened.

Living Fit // More Than My Physique


There are plenty of obvious changes that have occurred over the years with my focus on fitness and competing. I have basically shrunk in half, put on obvious muscle, changed the way that I eat and view food, and added a structured workout regime. Those are all changes that anyone would clearly notice. But what I want to talk about are the changes that have happened that may not be obvious to you from pictures or social media. These changes are deeper, and are more than my physique.

Living Fit // 8 Weeks Out


Progress picture day this week had me nervous! I had a couple rough days at the end of last week where I went over in my carbs. I felt like I was retaining water and was just nervous I wouldn’t show any progress. I even had a dream Sunday night that I got in trouble for some gum. I woke up frantically checking my texts and social media making sure it was just a dream!

Living Fit // A Typical Day of Food

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I thought it might be fun to do a post that shares what a typical day looks like for me right now in terms of food! I started to write this the other week…but then I recently changed up my meals…not my macros, just how they are met at each meal. So this isn’t 100% accurate at the moment….but not an uncommon set up! Now, keep in mind that my macros are determined by my coach specifically for me. What my teammates eat, other competitors eat, etc is different, and all catered specifically for those individuals. My macros are laid out for me and me alone. That being said, here is a look at what a typical day is for me!

Low Carb Cauliflower Za’atar


I am Lebanese, and one of my favorite traditional foods is a bread product with Za’atar on it! Now, since I am eating lower carb and leaning out, I don’t really have the macros to eat legit za’atar bread. So I set out to get creative in the kitchen and make a low carb version!

Living Fit // 12 Weeks Out

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It’s been a while since I have actually blogged, and I have sort of used social media (my Instagram and fitness Facebook page) as my diary lately. I thought that while some of you may get a lot of info and a clear idea of what is going through my mind during this process from my various accounts, there may be those of you who only see particular feeds and miss out on some of the thought process and journey. So I think it’s time for me to begin blogging again. It won’t always be pieces that are educational or informative, but I think this will be a great mental outlet for me as I walk through my fitness journey.

Living Fit // I Joined a Team!

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I have been wanting to hire a coach and join a team for a long time now. I went back and forth on who to hire, and why, so many times. Initially I wanted a female coach, because obviously, I am a girl. But the further I got into the training, the more I didn’t care if my coach was male or female, and the more I cared that they produced great athletes. I finally made my choice and joined a team!