This Prep is Different


Some of you may know that I changed coaches this year. I was looking for someone who would be relational, empathetic, transparent, supportive, encouraging and just there for me. (In addition to the obvious knowledge, skill, results etc.) I found an incredible coach and I couldn’t be happier!

This prep has been quite different from my last. I am mentally and emotionally in a much better place, I haven’t had an untracked meal or regretful eating, and I’ve felt really good. I have more thorough weekly check-ins where it’s not just pictures but also measurements. I FaceTime or meet with my coach in person each month, and get a new plan every 4 weeks. I’m never bored with my workouts, I’m always challenged, and feel really invested in and cared for. I am still following macros, but I also am given information about what supplements to take. I never had that last time.

I have in person posing sessions, and guidance on choosing a suit. I’m really content with this prep so far. Part of it may be that I know myself better, I am more in tune with my weaknesses, stresses, and strengths. I have been tracking macros for well over a year and know my way around foods. I know what it takes to get me close to where I want to be, I know the feeling of exhaustion and hunger, and I know how to push myself again.

I’m more content in this prep in that it’s my lifestyle, it doesn’t require as many changes since I already have lived it, I am not worrying about the small things, and I am trusting the process. I know that I can’t control how my body removes fat, I know that I just have to be patient and consistent. I have a solid group of workout buddies now that are supportive and encouraging.

I am impressed with how smoothly this is going for me so far. Each prep is different, and each will have its own challenges. This one so far has just had the challenge in that I am sad to see where I got in my off season, and can’t wait to get lean again. But that’s where trusting your coach and trusting the process comes into play.

One day at a time. One workout at a time. One meal at a time.


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