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It has been just shy of a week since my first competition took place! It’s been a whirlwind of emotions but I thought I’d take a few moments to share my thoughts and experience.

Peak Week was tough! My carbs tapered off, and so did my water and seasonings. I did ok, and wasn’t super hangry like I thought I would be. However, my last workout was extremely challenging. I had next to no energy at all, and with each lift I felt as though I could cry. However, I got it done!

I had begun packing my bag a month and a half prior (yea, I’m type A!) But I took a few days off before the show to just make sure I wasn’t stressed and had everything figured out. I prepped my meals, I got my nails done, I did laundry and re-packed.

We left Friday afternoon for the hotel, and my first coat of spray tan was at 5:15pm. It was COLD!!! I tend to run cold anyway, but OH MY GOSH! You’re standing in this little pop up tent, naked, and they are spraying you with an airbrush spray tan. There’s a fan sucking the air out of the tent, and the AC is on in the room. I was FREEZING! Then you stand in a different little tent and they have these high powered fans blowing cold air on you in order to dry off. Every few minutes you turn and hope you’re dry soon. The spray tan woman came back and checked if I was dry and I got dressed again and on my way.


I wore loose black pajama pants and a loose black top. In hindsight, next time I’ll wear a loose black zip up with long sleeves so my tan doesn’t smear. (Skin touching skin is the worst for it!) They gave me cotton gloves to wear while I sleep (which I kept for future competitions.) I put old brown sheets on the hotel bed so that we wouldn’t get a fine for staining the white sheets. I will bring a pillowcase next time because I couldn’t find the matching brown one and ended up just putting my black bath towel I brought over the hotel pillow and using my sweatshirt as a pillow.


I sent check in photos to my coach, and was given permission to eat 4oz sirloin and asparagus! So I did that, and went to bed. I ended up waking up before my alarm, I was going to get up at 5am, but got up at 4:30 instead.


I sent my next check in photos, drank my 8oz coffee, and began doing my makeup. I was told to eat 3 rice cakes, wait 20 minutes and then eat my chicken. I did this while doing my makeup. My makeup took me about an hour and a half…. I’m not skilled in this area, so I took my time and built it up. Eyeshadow and highlighting took the longest.


I then straightened my hair and put my extensions in. Next time, I’d also use the side piece extensions! I then put on my jewelry (already had my suit on from check in photos) and packed my backstage bag.


Nathon drove me to check ins, where I registered for my NPC card and got measured. I then waited with my teammate for the competitor’s meeting. At 9 I ate my two rice cakes and 1/2 tbs peanutbutter. (Yes I brought measuring spoons!! My teammate thought it was a little funny, but I’m meticulous! I follow what I am told as close to a T as I can!) The competitor’s meeting was just basically the staff telling competitors how the event was going to go, but a lot of people were talking and so it was really distracting and hard to hear. I absolutely hate that! I find it extremely disrespectful, and overall just rude. I may have wanted to hear everything because it was my first time, but in general, if someone has the mic and is speaking up front, shut up and listen! Don’t be rude! UGH!

So anyway, then we went backstage and waited! We practiced posing a bit, continued to eat when we were supposed to, touched up our makeup, and waited. I had my spray tan touched up, continued to send check in photos when requested, and tried to keep calm. I’m an introvert and generally a pretty serious person, so I sat alone quite a bit. Just trying to breathe, focus, relax and get my head in the game. All of a sudden we were about to go on stage so we pumped up really quickly. I used my resistance band and did kick backs, deadlifts, squats, front and side raises, etc.

It was time to line up, so Bikini A (5’2″ and under) got in numerical order. We discovered that there were only 5 of us, much to all our delight and surprise, and then that it was the first competition for each of us! I panicked, and my knees began shaking. I’ve never been so nervous in my life. I was breathing and trying to calm myself down. The only thing I can think of as far as what I was feeling was it was similar to how nervous and anxious I get when I have to get a shot or bloodwork done. So pretty stinkin nervous!


L to R: 4th, 2nd, 1st, 3rd, 5th

We went on stage and did our individual routines, I forgot a couple steps because I was so nervous. But overall I’m decently happy with my posing, especially for how nervous I was! Then we lined up and did comparisons. I immediately got switched towards the middle, and then there was one other competitors switch.

I walked off stage knowing I was in top 3, but didn’t know my placing. I was pretty certain I wasn’t first place, as I immediately knew who was going to take that placing home, she was LEAN and looked amazing. So then I was told to go eat a cheese burger, half a serving of fries and a diet coke! We went to Red Robin, as my coach suggested, and I hadn’t been there in YEARS! After we ate we went back to the hotel and waited. I called my parents to give them an update, I did some word searches, practiced posing, watched some TV, etc.

Then it was time to head back so I touched up my hair and makeup and we returned. I did a lot of the same things as before, waiting, touching up makeup and tan, posing, pumping up etc. I was nervous still but not quite as much since the hardest part was over.

They absolutely rushed our individual posing, which was really pretty disappointing as that’s the portion my family came for! I barely even got to do a back pose!!! But then we lined up and they gave us our placings. I will admit that at first I was disappointed I didn’t get second, but then remembered how my goal was just to place, and ultimately I beat my goal because I got third! I am now nationally qualified! PLUS they gave us swords, which was what I was hoping they’d give out!



I’m honestly really proud of myself. I have had the goal of competing for a couple years now, and finally accomplished it! Not only that, but I placed in the top 3 and got nationally qualified! I didn’t think this day would ever come. For so long it has seemed like a far off dream, something I’d never be able to accomplish. Yet, now I’m here and I’ve already got two more in the works and dreaming of goals for next season.


Me and my husband, Nathon

Me and my teammate Jacqueline

Me and my teammate Jacqueline

So, here is a comparison of my physique beginning of this prep vs the end.


Jan 22 vs show day


Jan 22 vs night before show day

And now I am closing in on 12 weeks out from my next competition, which will be on October 1st! So my friend had a great idea of comparing where I was at with my physique at 12 weeks out from this first competition vs where I am at 12 weeks out from my next one! So, granted 12 weeks out from Oct 1 was show day for me, so my physique is show day quality…. BUT it’s still a really good comparison!

12 weeks out from show 1 vs 12 weeks out from show 2

12 weeks out from show 1 vs 12 weeks out from show 2


12 weeks out from show 1 vs 12 weeks out from show 2


12 weeks out from show 1 vs 12 weeks out from show 2

Clearly I have a much better starting point for this next competition! I’m so excited to see what my physique will look like! This next one is a much more competitive show, my class last year had 22 girls! So it’s much much larger! But I have 12 weeks to improve even more and I can’t wait!


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