What Is Bothering Me About the Fitness Industry


I feel like when I first started my fitness journey 5 years ago social media was not focused around fitness. There weren’t really any fitness Instagram pages, there were a few fitness Youtube channels but not many, and mostly if you were into fitness you kept it confined to your own social media page or not at all.

Nowadays social media is saturated with fitness “gurus” and “professionals” trying to sell you a supplement, 8 week workout plan, 12 week challenge, or competition bikinis, etc. Fitness and social media have become deeply intertwined and sadly preying on the less educated newbie. While I feel that social media is beneficial to an extent in sharing fitness inspiration and information, you have to search for a needle in a haystack!

Recently there has been an uprising of NPC Bikini competitions in popularity, and while I love the sport, it seems that females are jumping in head first without doing their research on what to look for in a coach, what their intake should be like before beginning to diet, let alone properly researching the healthiest way to go about dieting for a show and coming back out of it. Bikini competitors are known to extend their seasons too long with many shows, dieting for the majority of the year, and then barely taking any time off to repair their metabolism and overall health. This of course leads to over training, over dieting, and wreaking havoc on your hormonal and metabolic health.

I have been there and done that. I know what it feels like to be done with a long intensive prep and want to eat everything in sight. I know what it feels like to have your leptin and ghrelin out of whack and telling you that no matter what you eat you are still starving. I know what it’s like to NOT reverse diet and blow up like a balloon. I also know what it is like to work hard at your reverse diet, still get a little puffy, and work through bringing your metabolism and hormones to a good place. Ive had grueling preps after not reverse dieting, strict meal plans and struggling. I know what all of that feels like first hand. It’s not fun. I’ve taken a year and a half off so far to bring my body back to a good place, and won’t be competing for another year. It takes time to get your body back in a solid place where it trusts you and is happy.

So many females jump into the competition boat without educating themselves on the entire process, the pros and cons, and how to find a coach that puts your long-term health first. This is why many fitness “gurus” have struggled in the last year with their physiques.

But I think what is truly bothering me the most is there are fitness “gurus” who are preying on the newbies, the uneducated, the gullible and the weak. It sure seems like some of these fitspos are focused on the money rather than truly helping others. The fitness community should be about lifting one another up, sharing education and knowledge, supporting one another, growing, learning and seeking to be the best versions of ourselves. I believe there are some out there who are genuinely pursuing that, and I love it! Though the number of genuine fitness gurus vs disingenuous ones is a bit stark.

Just because someone is sponsored by a supplement company doesn’t mean the products are actually very good…they make money off of you using their discount code. Just because someone claims to have the best online coaching program around and it costs $10k, doesn’t mean it’s actually worth it or even beneficial….are their posts pretty much ALL about money, making “multiple six figures,” or their own programs and success? Then it’s probably not genuine.

Instead, look for people who are sharing information because they truly care, people who are the same person on camera and off camera, people who embody the values you believe in, people who are honest and genuine, and people who truly live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The problem right now is that the industry is saturated, and there are some money-hungry individuals preying on those who don’t know any different. Don’t fall for it. Do your research, listen, pay attention, and ask questions.

My own personal favorite fitness individuals right now are: Simply Manders, Jessi Hilgenberg, Amber Dawn Orton, Lauren Irick, Laurin Conlin, Bret Contreras, and my own friends who are working hard in the gym and focusing on their health.


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