Health and fitness are a primary and vital component of my life. I started my journey in April of 2013, and have grown to deeply and passionately love all things health and fitness. I hope that by sharing this aspect of my life you will be inspired in your own health and fitness journey.

I was never athletic growing up, I actually hated sweating. I decided to focus on my health and fitness because I wanted to be “skinny,” but ended up finding a love for lifting and building muscle. The more I learned about lifting and the more muscle I gained, the more excited I got. I decided to give myself a major goal….to compete in my very first NPC Bikini Bodybuilding Competition. I NEVER thought when I began working out that I would strive for something that big! But I absolutely love the challenge and the process!

I officially started my prep in May of 2014, though I decided to compete several months prior. I was just too nervous to let anyone besides my husband know! I competed in my first NPC Bikini Competiton on July 16, 2016 in Puyallup, WA at the WA State Open. I competed in Bikini A and took home 3rd place! I am a nationally qualified NPC Bikini competitor and love this journey I am on! You can follow my fitness journey here, my Instagram account (@melissadiane), or even on my fitness Facebook page.


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