Less than 5 Weeks Out

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I just passed the 5 weeks out mark for my first competition! It’s both exciting and terrifying all at the same time. For the past 3 or 4 weeks I have been on a meal plan, which is entirely new for me as I have always done IIFYM. I was sick at the beginning so it was really challenging at first. I actually sat at the table one day in the first week and cried. Now, it’s easier, and more of just an everyday thing.

I do of course miss having choices, and miss particular food items, but it’s gotten easier as the days have passed. I am excited for the reversal process honestly, not just for food, but to see how my body responds! That’s going to be a challenging but exciting time!

I’m finally starting to feel like the “magic” is happening! Things are tightening up, getting leaner and seeing changes!

I go through phases where I’m starving and want to scream at anyone and everyone haha and then phases where I’m totally fine. My brain is a little foggy, and I have a hard time concentrating a bit. I’m sleepy and keep trying to go to bed earlier and earlier because 4am is rough.

I’m drinking 2 gallons of water a day, which really isn’t very difficult for me to do. It just means I get up a bunch at night. I’m surviving the meal plan and not worried about it. I will say that I’m not looking forward to food volume decreasing. In this moment I am RAGING hungry, and probably more so my blood sugar than my stomach for whatever reason… So in this particular moment I’m hangry/grumpy.

Anyway, before I get forgetful about what I’m saying, I thought I’d share some progress pictures. These are all one week apart from each other. Left was Tues 6/7/16 and right was Tues 6/14/16. I’m excited to see how lean I can get in the next 31 days, and how visible my tie in area will end up being. Still working through the kinks in my front pose, but the initial change so far is a significant improvement. The photos are black and white so that my suit color isn’t revealed :)

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