What Is Bothering Me About the Fitness Industry


I feel like when I first started my fitness journey 5 years ago social media was not focused around fitness. There weren’t really any fitness Instagram pages, there were a few fitness Youtube channels but not many, and mostly if you were into fitness you kept it confined to your own social media page or not at all.


Small Changes Lead to Progress


When starting out on your fitness journey it can easily feel overwhelming. With all of the information available online and in magazines you may feel like you don’t know where to begin. Well rest easy, because any small step that you take towards living a healthier life does make a difference. Small steps add up to big change!

Product Review // Tula

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I thought I would take a moment to review for you a product that I have been using for a while now, especially since it’s a newer skincare line that you may not have heard about. Tula is a skincare company that utilizes probiotic technology to provide your skin with high quality ingredients that leave you feeling truly radiant.



I’ve been reflecting lately about this past season and really my fitness journey thus far. I’m now in an entirely different phase, I finally accomplished a goal I set out to complete so long ago, and now it feels a little strange. I haven’t quite landed yet on a goal to laser in on and chase, so it just feels a little odd. I’m certainly not wandering or feeling lost, as I still am going through things as I normally would and have improvements to make etc. It just does feel somewhat odd and surreal to not have that ONE BIG goal that my eyes are set on.

I’m Reverse Dieting!

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If you didn’t know already, I chose to not participate in the two competitions I had planned on in October, and instead begin reverse dieting. I’ll touch base on why I chose not to compete this fall, and also what reverse dieting is and how its going.

Less than 5 Weeks Out

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I just passed the 5 weeks out mark for my first competition! It’s both exciting and terrifying all at the same time. For the past 3 or 4 weeks I have been on a meal plan, which is entirely new for me as I have always done IIFYM. I was sick at the beginning so it was really challenging at first. I actually sat at the table one day in the first week and cried. Now, it’s easier, and more of just an everyday thing.

This Prep is Different


Some of you may know that I changed coaches this year. I was looking for someone who would be relational, empathetic, transparent, supportive, encouraging and just there for me. (In addition to the obvious knowledge, skill, results etc.) I found an incredible coach and I couldn’t be happier!