Improvement Season


It’s been a while since I’ve written. I haven’t really been in the right mindset to write or share, but I think its important to be open and candid. I have entered my improvement season a bit earlier than I had hoped or anticipated. While I had setbacks in August, I ended up getting really sick for the month of September. I came down with the flu which turned into a bad sinus infection. I was essentially out of the gym for the month minus a few workouts, and my diet was pretty awful. The antibiotics I was put on were miserable. I experienced just about every single side effect listed. Everything in me just wanted life to return to normal. My normal workouts, normal eating, normal health.

Yet, I couldn’t workout as I didn’t have the energy and my body needed everything it had to fight the infection. Every time I attempted a workout, I ended up worse off the next day. My stomach accepted almost nothing beyond Greek yogurt, protein powder, soup, and salad. I was exhausted and fatigued most days, finding myself in bed shortly after 6pm.

I am not where I want to be. I am soft, fluffy and 2 lbs heavier. I feel bleh and just gross. I still am not at the point where I am at the intensity of workouts that I was prior, but at least I am on my normal schedule!

Anyway, what this means is that I am not competing like I had hoped. That’s life! So I have entered into my improvement season in hopes of continuing to lean out, build more muscle and improve my metabolic rate. At this time, I am not working with a coach, but hope to start up again in January. (That seems SO far away!) Until then, I am at it on my own again. Continuing my workouts as scheduled, but adding in resistance band work at the end of each workout, and making some adjustments here and there.

My primary muscles that I want to improve are glutes, delts and abs. I plan to purchase and give Ashley Horner’s Sweet Cakes program a shot as supplemental glute work. And I am hoping to bring my metabolic rate up by working with a sports nutritionist. I have 6 months or so to improve, and have learned a lot along the way so far. I hope I can continue to see major improvements and finally reach my long-term goal.

In all honesty, do I feel a bit discouraged? Sure. I would by lying if I said I didn’t. But this is a lifestyle, not a temporary thing. So while I may feel some discouragement right now, I know that it is only for the moment. I have a drive and a passion to improve and I know I will reach my goal someday. Patience, consistency and hard work WILL pay off.


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