Living Fit // I Joined a Team!

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I have been wanting to hire a coach and join a team for a long time now. I went back and forth on who to hire, and why, so many times. Initially I wanted a female coach, because obviously, I am a girl. But the further I got into the training, the more I didn’t care if my coach was male or female, and the more I cared that they produced great athletes. I finally made my choice and joined a team!

I have joined Team Heugly! It’s a husband and wife team based out of Utah, and they have trained so many phenomenal competitors! Most notably, one of my major inspirations –Ā  IFFB Pro Bikini Competitor Amy Updike of! Shane and Tiffany work together to get their clients stage ready. Shane is the primary trainer, determining fitness programs and diet plans. Tiffany works with clients on posing practice.

Yes, they live in a different state than where I live. Of course it would be easier if I hired a coach here in Seattle, but the reality is that I hired this coaching team because I respect and admire their work with the clients they have trained. I won’t have one-on-one in person trainings, but phone calls, texts, emails and Skype are the modern way to get training!

I won’t be sharing any detailed diet plans, or any major secrets because I respect my coach and that this is his job. I have hired them for their expertise, and so I won’t be giving out tons of details out of respect for their business.

I do however want to keep you all updated on my progress, how things are going, how I am feeling and where I am at in this journey. I am currently finishing up 16 weeks out from my desired competition date. I have been working with my coach for 2 weeks now, doing all of my workouts and eating in the macros set for me.

In these 2 weeks I am down 3 pounds, and loving the results. Is it hard? Yes! Am I hungry? Yes! But there are goals that I want to reach and things that I need to do in order to get there. For instance, do I hate cardio? Absolutely! But I do it anyway! :) I also may have given up peanutbutter……which let’s be real, is a BIG deal!

Here is my progress picture from two weeks apart. (Left is day 2 with my coach 5/27/2015, right was 6/10/2015)




5 thoughts on “Living Fit // I Joined a Team!

  1. Did it take you a while to start up the program? I contacted him a while back To get started and no answer šŸ˜ž

      1. Hi Gina!
        I actually am no longer with Team Heugly. We parted ways at the end of my prep that year. I am now 2+ years with another coach. I initially chose Team Heugly because they have some top competitors in the NPC and IFBB. Their competitors look amazing and place decently well. I also saw some great transformations and thought it would be a great fit for me. While they are knowledgable and have some great competitors, it ended up not being the right fit for me. I needed/wanted a coach that was very invested in my fitness journey and health, and customized things to me as well as built a relationship with me. I did not find that Team Heugly provided me those things. My current coach is all of those and more. I no longer have cookie cutter plans. I have constant communication about my workouts, nutrition, questions, goals, plans etc. For me, I love having a coach that is truly invested in me and knows me. So that is why I left Team Heugly. I am now coached by IFBB pro Diana Becker here in Seattle, WA and she has been my coach for 2+ years.

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