Living Fit // 8 Weeks Out


Progress picture day this week had me nervous! I had a couple rough days at the end of last week where I went over in my carbs. I felt like I was retaining water and was just nervous I wouldn’t show any progress. I even had a dream Sunday night that I got in trouble for some gum. I woke up frantically checking my texts and social media making sure it was just a dream!

I had a bunch of new swimsuits arrive the night before, as I had ordered some in preparation for our Mexico vacation this fall after the competition. So this week I am wearing new swimsuit bottoms! (They’re basically all the same cut, but different colors and sides, and I got a few varieties in tops. So I can interchange them all with each other!)


Like I said, I was nervous about water retention and the extra carbs I had. But my coach was happy with my pictures and I even got an, “You’re doing AMAZING!” in all caps :) He explained that the more depleted I get the more my body is going to retain water between my muscles and skin. So the water retention is not alarming at all. It’s time to begin legitimately cutting, so my carbs were dropped by 25 grams, and my fats dropped by 10 grams as well. Protein will remain the same. I will definitely feel it for a few days, but overall that’s an easy drop. It was quick to figure out what in my diet needed to change in order to make that happen, and it honestly came as no surprise as I knew this would need to get cut closer to competition time….Goodbye Quest bars.

I love my Quest bars, truly. But they do spike and crash my blood sugar the easiest out of everything I eat. So it makes sense. I’ll maybe work them in on my weekends when I practice flexible dieting, but on my structured prepped meal days I won’t have them. Saves me money anyway I guess!

So, as I close out 8 weeks away from the competition date, I am getting more tired as I am doing 60 minutes of cardio a day and about 60 minutes of lifting as well. My days start at 4:30am, getting to work at 7am, leaving work by 4pm and in the gym from 4:30-7pm. I try and be in bed by 9pm at the latest…doesn’t always happen. I am working on getting a full 8 hours of sleep. I actually want to find my Jawbone UP so I can track things as I am genuinely curious…but I can’t remember where I put it last….

Anyway, here is a one week comparison…not a TON of changes visibly, as I can clearly retaining some water….but you can kind of tell that my sides near my hip bones is leaning out a little. Again, water retention makes seeing changes to the untrained eye hard…..I am just literally trusting the process right now! :)


One week difference

One week difference

One week difference

One week difference

One week difference

And here is a 4 week comparison. Now this has much more obvious changes. There’s quite a bit of increased definition, as well as leaning out. I love how my hamstrings are coming along! I would love fuller and rounder glutes so I need to really work on muscle-mind connection in those exercises. And I am really working hard to build out my delts more. It’s interesting to me to see my abs show up…I don’t feel like I have that coveted flat six pack yet, but you can definitely start to see them more and my last set much better….getting there!!!

Four week difference

Four week difference

Four week difference

Four week difference

Four week difference

Four week difference

Anyway, I am more determined heading into the 7 week out mark (starting Saturday) and really starting to feel that desire for a sword and trophy….Who knows if I will be ready in time, or even if I would end up placing. Really, it’s me vs me….so I am in completely uncharted waters right now….never even been this fit, lean or muscular….but I am EXCITED to see where this goes! Each week it’s new and different!!!


One thought on “Living Fit // 8 Weeks Out

  1. This is an awesome post, I compete as well just finished a competition where I placed 1st in the teen physique category. Just stay strong and believe in yourself. It’s you vs. you but never doubt your ability to achieve a sword. The sky’s the limit!

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