My Favorite Hair Products


I am no beauty guru, I’ll be upfront and honest about that! However, I do love reading about beauty techniques and tips. Since I live an active lifestyle I have changed my beauty routine/regime a lot. I thought I would start out by sharing some of my all-time favorite haircare products!

OBSESSIONS // eyeliner

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Eyeliner is pretty amazing, it creates a statement, makes your lashes look fuller and just has this way of creating drama! I love jet black eyeliner, and don’t want it to smudge! I personally prefer liquid liner, but let’s face it….I don’t have the steadiest of hands. These two eyeliners are my go-to!

Product Review: Orofluido Elixir

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I have over processed and extremely damaged hair. I have been working on getting it back to hydrated, beautiful locks….and it’s taking a while! One of the products I recently purchased to hydrate and nourish my hair is the Orofluido Elixir. I purchased the hair oil from Birchbox using some points I had saved up. The product arrived really quickly, and I eagerly started using it! Now, it is time to let you all know what I think about it!

Birchbox [May 2012]

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This month’s Birchbox was featuring everything from the hit show Gossip Girl! I was really excited to receive my box- I have always loved the show and not just because of its shocking drama…but because of its beautiful fashion and glamour. I have a big passion for fashion ;) and this show takes place in the heart of the fashion capital of our nation! Birchbox partnered with the key individuals from the GG beauty department to bring everyone some fantastic products! Let’s take a look into my May Gossip Girl inspired box!

Birchbox: April 2012

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I always get excited at the beginning of the month because I know my Birchbox will be coming. This month’s theme was centralled around Earth Day. The box was filled with samples from various brands, Befine, YesTo, Lulu Organics, Zoya and Taylor Swift. For those of you who haven’t heard of Birchbox, you sign up online for $10 a month, and you get a box full of goodies around the 15th! Each box has a theme, and sometimes you get small samples and other times you get full size products. You try the products and then go online to your account and review them, with each review being worth 10 points. 100 points gets you $10 off any product you purchase through them. Your points can rack up for up to one year, and if you have not used them at that point, then they disappear. You also get points for referring people to sign up for Birchbox! Overall, it’s a really fun way to try new products each month!

Quick & Easy Beauty Tips: Coconut Oil

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I thought I would share with you a simple and easy beauty tip that works great for days when your skin just needs a little extra help and deep hydration. Since spring is on it’s way I think it’s about time we get our dry winter skin under control! I know I sure don’t want to break out the legs in shorts when my skin is dry!┬áThe secret is coconut oil! Yes, you read that right!

Birchbox {March 2012}

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Every month I look forward to my wonderful Birchbox! I am never 100% sure what day it will arrive, but I anticipate it every month around the 12th to 15th and anxiously check the mail! Birchbox is a company where you pay $10 a month and you get a box full of sample products! You sign up and fill out a beauty profile, and some of the products each month are directed towards that profile, and others are put in every box. Each month has a theme, and you get to give reviews of the products online for points. Every 100 points is worth $10. If you like some of the products in your box, you can purchase the full size online and use your points towards the prodcuts! You also earn points for purchasing the products through Birchbox. It really is a great deal and super fun to anticipate your box each month!