I’ve been reflecting lately about this past season and really my fitness journey thus far. I’m now in an entirely different phase, I finally accomplished a goal I set out to complete so long ago, and now it feels a little strange. I haven’t quite landed yet on a goal to laser in on and chase, so it just feels a little odd. I’m certainly not wandering or feeling lost, as I still am going through things as I normally would and have improvements to make etc. It just does feel somewhat odd and surreal to not have that ONE BIG goal that my eyes are set on.


Living Fit // How I Got Started

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Recently I was asked how I got started on my fitness journey and how I stay motivated. Those are some big and yet also very simple questions. But as I started my journey, and even now as a fairly newbie to the fitness world, I would have asked those very same questions. When you are first starting out, or even just contemplating beginning your fitness journey, it’s inspiring and helpful to read stories of those you can relate to, and find some commonality with. It puts things on an even playing field, and makes this daunting task feel do-able.

Product Review: Korres

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So a month ago I was given an awesome gift for working at an event. I got a bag filled with three beauty products by Korres. I had never heard of the brand before, but knew they were high end due to the fact that they were gifts given to those who paid well over $10,000 for their table at the event. So, I set out to discover some info about the company, the products I received, and to give them a try! It has been a month now of using the products religiously, so I thought I would give a review.

Academy Awards Part I


Last night I watched the Academy Awards on ABC, and this is the first of two posts that I will be doing about the event. This first one is the most personal. While watching the Oscars, I was brought back to my artistic roots. I started my creative journey with theatre and film. I originally fell in love with the arts through intently watching films, and being engrossed in their magical stories and visions. I then transitioned to acting. I loved being in the spotlight, pretending to be someone else somewhere else. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I ventured into other artistic realms and discovered what I love to do. The Academy Awards brought back all of my emotion and love for film.

Vancouver Art Gallery {Art Auction 2012: Desire}


This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to work at the annual Vancouver Art Gallery gala, Art Auction 2012. I love working events, and this was an absolute blast! I got to experience a huge, high-profile event first hand in a different country, and witness all aspects of it the day-of. The above image was taken by Melissa Baker of Bake Photography during the live auction that took place in the art gallery.

Beyond Belief


Some of you may know, I volunteered this past year with a nonprofit event in its founding year. The Miracle March took place on July 4, 2011 in Gig Harbor to raise money to send those with spinal cord injuries to a research center in Miami. There were over 200 individuals in attendance, and over $12,000 raised! This is incredible! This event started out as a dream for the founder, Patrick Lyn. He suffers from a spinal cord injury that he got while serving in the Dominican Republic a few years ago, and spent months in the hospital. While he was recovering and then starting physical therapy, he met many with similar injuries. He started dreaming of a way to help those who have similar spinal cord injuries, and to use his circumstance to make a difference. The Miracle March started to come together as this dream, and with the help of his friends, family and Newlife Gig Harbor, it became a reality.

Movember- a new twist on No Shave November

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So you know that ritualistic thing men do every winter….well, every November? The thing us girls tend to dread? The “No-Shave-November” deal…..WELL, this year, I entirely expected my fiance to participate and was thoroughly ok with that. Yesterday he asked me about doing Movember. Now, if you are like me you’re probably thinking….”…movember? what is that? I’ve heard of No Shave November, but Movember? huh??” That was pretty much my thought process at first. He went on to explain that it is a new twist on No Shave November, where instead of just growing this massive mountain man-ish coarse layer on your face, you grow a mustache, (you can have hair on the rest of your face, but your mustache may not touch the rest of it. you need a clear mustache), build teams, and raise money towards men’s health. Apparently it’s this new fad going around. I personally am not fond of the mustache….they tend to look like “molest-aches” and just all around pretty creepy. However, I am all for the fun and spirits of the traditional No Shave November, that I can get behind Movember, especially because it has a good cause behind it. I value my man and his health, and if this raises money towards keeping him with me longer, then YES! :)