My Favorite Hair Products


I am no beauty guru, I’ll be upfront and honest about that! However, I do love reading about beauty techniques and tips. Since I live an active lifestyle I have changed my beauty routine/regime a lot. I thought I would start out by sharing some of my all-time favorite haircare products!

First off, I swear by dry shampoo. I don’t wash my hair often….really only once a week. I am in the gym way too often to put the time and energy into washing my long hair every single day. So, dry shampoo is my best friend. I’ve tried quite a few different kinds over the years, but I like cheap, good smelling and effective… here are my favorites!


1. Pantene- This smells like most Panetene products, so it smells feminine and yummy! It isn’t quite a powdery of a spray like some others, it sprays on a little more hairspray-like. It hides REALLY well on my black hair. But it’s also a little more expensive….like $5-6

2. Herbal Essences- This one smells really fruity and strong. Which is great for when you’re on day 6, 7 or 8….. It’s also a bit more expensive. I prefer the scent of Pantene and Suave over this one though, even if this one smells strongly…I just personally prefer the other two.

3. Suave- it smells sort of vanilla-like, it’s crazy cheap and I love the spray! I tend to buy this one the most often. It’s got a good texture and hides decently well on my black hair.


Then we get to the other two hair products I use frequently. One is a hair oil that I use usually on the ends of my hair and sometimes a little further up. A little goes a long way, and it smells really good as well! It’s got hints of vanilla and amber. It’s Elixir by Orofluido and it’s made of argan, linseed and cyperus oils. Seriously, it smells incredible! Really warm and luxurious!

The second is a sea salt spray by Davines, “This is a Sea Salt Spray,” which smells DIVINE!!! It’s vanilla and oh so yummy! It sprays on as a wet mist, so don’t hold it too close! It’s got a nice texture that isn’t too salty or gritty. Perfect for added volume and texture!

Overall, I don’t use very many products because I go so long between washes that I find the more products I use the nastier it gets, and then the thought of it possibly sweating down onto my face is just gnarly. So I try and keep it simple. If I keep it simple then the style usually lasts longer in terms of days that I can wear my hair down! (And I rarely wear my hair up beyond working out!)

Next hair care post I will be going into an updated review of Wen, since I have been using it for over a year now! I can give a real, legit feedback post! (If I have been using it for a year….that’s a good indicator that I like it!)


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