Living Fit // Potentially 9 Weeks Out


I never know what progress picture day will have in store for me. Some days I’m thrilled, some days it takes me comparing week to week in order to be excited, and some days I am disappointed with myself. This week I thought for sure I was going to be disappointed because I felt a little bloated. I was pleasantly surprised!

I am weighing in at 116 still, so that’s good! No increase in weight. I still am not seeing a whole ton of leaning out in my torso and sides, but I’m just going to keep going and trust the process. My body will get there! Just gotta be consistent!


I have been working hard at doing my best every single day, and waking up each morning with the mindset that it’s a new day and I just gotta conquer it and do it well. I think this has relieved a lot of anxiety that I faced earlier on in my prep.

First glimpse at a bicep vein!

First glimpse at a bicep vein!

Last week my cardio was increased from 30 minutes of 3:1 intervals to adding 15 minutes afterwards of steady state. I thought I was probably going to die….I absolutely loathe cardio…most days. But surprisingly, it really was not that bad. I welcome the steady state cardio actually. That’s more relaxing for me where I can sort of zone out and think, or just enjoy my playlist. There was only ONE day where cardio became a challenge, and that was Saturday when my old injury flared up towards the end of my intervals. Quite a few months ago I strained behind my knee (inner leg but behind the knee) and so every once in a while if I am doing sprints outside and go ALL OUT 110% it will flare up. So I had to cut back cardio that day a little more than I would have liked, as I didn’t want to make it worse.

One day with my coach vs 9 weeks out

One day with my coach vs 9 weeks out

This week my progress pictures surprised me a little. I knew I was leaning out, as I have had some upper body veins show up lately. But I didn’t realize how much. Apparently my body responds well to cardio….So, now my cardio has been increased again. 30 minutes of 3:1 intervals, and then 30 minutes of steady state cardio. Again, not bad. My workouts will just be longer, and the temptation to split cardio out into the morning before work seems a little appealing. For now, I’m continuing with after work sessions.

One day with my coach vs 9 weeks out

One day with my coach vs 9 weeks out

I’ve been working at weeding out any lingering things in my diet that I might not have paid attention to. So gum needs to be sugar free, if I drink coffee at work-what am I putting in it? etc. My coffee consumption increased dramatically lately, 3 cups a day instead of 1, so I am working on eliminating that more so I don’t consume sneaky carbs. Overall I haven’t been experiencing a sweet tooth lately, and I haven’t really had very many cravings. *knock on wood* So it has been rather smooth sailing. I’m sure it will get more challenging as the time gets closer, but I’m just taking it one day at a time.

Three weeks difference

Three weeks difference


Three weeks difference


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