Why I Love Wen


I have been using Wen for a year now, and when I first started thinking about making the switch I was researching reviews all over the place! It was easy to find mixed reviews or bad reviews but it was a challenge to find good reviews! So, obviously I have given this hair care system a fair shot, and I love it! Curious as to if it may be the right choice for you, or why someone may like it? Read on!

I have always loved trying new products. That’s just something I am a sucker for. So when I heard about Wen, I was super curious! I have done some serious damage to my hair over the years when I would strip it and lighten it, and always loved using deep conditioner masks. So the thought of a shampoo that acts similar to a deep conditioner had me curious beyond measure. It’s expensive, so it is not for the faint of heart if you’re an every day washer! But let me tell you about my experience and why I love it.


I will be frank, it’s totally doable for me budget wise because I don’t wash my hair more than once a week. At around $30 a bottle, it adds up quickly if you wash your hair every day! Thankfully, I only wash once a week so it isn’t a big price jump. I purchase mine through Amazon because since I don’t wash daily, I don’t need the automatic shipments sent to me. (Warning: if you purchase through their website you will be signed up to receive more each month!) So for me, I purchase the ones that are the large/huge bottles and in packs of 2. Each bottle lasts me about 2-3 months since I wash weekly. So I only order new bottles about twice a year. I also only use about 10-12 pumps per wash. I have really long hair, but it’s not very thick. A little goes a long way for me.

It doesn’t lather, and it tingles on your scalp a little bit. But you get used to both! I start out by first drenching my hair with water and massaging water in for a good rinse. Then I apply 6 pumps to my scalp and massage that in. I then apply about 6 more pumps to my scalp and midshaft through the ends. I put my hair under water briefly to get some more moisture, and really massage everything in. Give yourself a good scalp massage! Seriously! Then I toss my hair up and put it in a clip for the remainder of my shower. At the very end, I rinse. Be sure to rinse WELL! Again, massaging under the water and just being really, extremely thorough! Then dry and style as normal.


If you don’t massage enough or rinse well enough it WILL feel like there is product or grease in your hair. So if that’s the case- try massaging and rinsing longer! Personally, I have found that my hair is always bouncier, softer, smoother and shinier than with any other shampoo system. I love that it doesn’t dry my hair out at all! In fact, I actually genuinely LOVE deep conditioning hair masks and treatments, and the ones in my shower have lasted SO LONG because I forget to use them! Wen has just about replaced them for me. I don’t feel the need to focus on them anywhere near as often. I used to use them weekly (and still have some legitimate favorites!) but now I am lucky if I do one monthly. Wen is just THAT GOOD!

I have found that my hair color doesn’t fade quickly (though my greys still grow quickly!) And my hair holds it’s natural curl better. Overall, my hair is healthier than it ever has been.


Scents. Who doesn’t love a great smelling shampoo?? I have tried 3 scents so far and enjoyed them all. First, I chose the seasonal Fall Apple Spice. This was perfect for fall and winter! It was very spicey and warm. It didn’t really smell much of apples…but it was definitely a great fall scent and I would absolutely get it again! Second, I chose the Summer Honey Peach. This was really light, fresh and sweet. Probably my favorite so far. It again was seasonal. (I think the seasonal scents are the best….) Most recently, I have the Sweet Almond Mint. I like it, but it’s pretty generic. It reminds me a bit of tea tree oil, or the Organix line. It’s not very sweet smelling. But I do enjoy it. But I probably wouldn’t get it again if I had some seasonal options. So definitely check out the seasonal ones! I have yet to try pomegranate, fig or lavender. But again, the seasonals are what I lean towards!

Texture. It’s creamy, thick and luxurious. Each one has been slightly different. The Fall Apple Spice and Summer Honey Peach were very creamy. The Sweet Almond Mint is a bit thinner and not as fluid. But overall, they’re pretty similar. They feel like a thick cream, but once you add water they smooth out and feel crazy soft.

I love Wen, and I will never go back to using regular shampoo systems. I have found it to be beneficial to the overall health and hydration of my hair, and truly the best system I’ve tried. (And I’ve tried a lot…and tons of price ranges too!) So while it may be the most expensive per bottle, it is absolutely worth it! (And, to be honest, I wash so infrequently that it’s really no more expensive!)


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