Living Fit// Potentially 10 Weeks Out


I am potentially 10 weeks out from my first competition. I say potentially because it’s not set in stone and I am taking things a day at a time. I’m still working hard, eating within my macros, and doing the WORK! But I’m just letting the mental stress not get to me. I’ll step on stage at some point, just not 100% certain when!


At 10 weeks out I am coming in leaner and it’s always surprising to see how the body eliminates fat. As my coach told me the other morning, “There is no such thing as stubborn fat. The fat always goes when used. It goes in your genetic order.” So while I am definitely coming in leaner, it’s more subtle things right now. I always had thought that my stomach was my “problem area,” but yet my abs are showing more and more each week, and my arms are starting to show more definition. My genetic order is putting my sides (hips, overall sides, and lats) towards the end apparently. I’ve never been one to carry bodyfat in my limbs, so my forearms and legs are lean and constantly showing vascularity. But my torso/sides are where my body wants to store it. So it will be interesting to see how it goes!


I weigh myself about once a week or less. This week I stepped on the scale to find that I was at a new all-time low! 116.8lbs is the now the lowest I have been on my journey, and really since early high school I think. We were given permission to wear shorts or capris to work when it is over 90 degrees, and so when attempting to find some shorts or capris, nothing fit. Everything except my one recently purchased pair of jean shorts were SWIMMING on me. No sense in buying more as I am continuing to shrink, so no shorts/capris to work for me!

This week I turned in my progress pictures and got a positive report back per usual. However, since I am potentially 10 weeks out, he upped my cardio. It’s not the end of the world and to be honest, I would so much rather increase my cardio by 15 minutes than decrease my carbs or get rid of my refeed/cheat. So I have no issue following that! It just means my workouts will take a bit longer. So originally I was doing 30 minutes of cardio 6 days a week where it is in 3:1 intervals. Now, I add on 15 minutes of steady state cardio after that. Again, really not THAT bad. 45 minutes is easy. I just don’t enjoy cardio, but I enjoy carbs so sacrifices have to be made! :)


Overall, I am seeing an increase in strength, where I beat my pull up record to date! I usually can only do a few sets of 4 unassisted natural grip, and this week I busted out one set of 6 and then a few sets of 4, and then went on to do several sets of 3 underhand grip, and a couple sets of 2 wide grip. My biceps definitely enjoy helping, so the wide grip progress is actually really important to make because that focuses a lot on using your lats. So I need to work harder at those! But overall, an increase in strength towards my 2015 strength goals is awesome!

I also saw an increase in strength with my quads this week. I do a lot of single leg work, and one of them is single leg extensions. I am now consistently pushing them at 60lbs per leg with sets of 8. So these little quads are going to keep GROWING!! I love seeing progress, and particularly strength progress! :)


Back Poses: Legs together, crossed, and straddle

I determined I need to rework my posing routine all together. Washington state doesn’t really allow the standard straddle back pose, which sucks because that’s where you can really see my hamstring definition and my quad shape. But I decided I really don’t like how I look when I weight that pose to one leg. It just doesn’t do anything for me. So either I need to rethink HOW I am doing that pose, (am I forgetting to push out and keep the glutes full? Or is it always going to do that to me??) or I just need to axe it and consider adding the crossed leg back pose back in, or just only do one back pose…or possibly risk a disqualification by doing the straddle pose…..Anyway, I’ve been watching videos in the evenings to see what aspects of some pro’s routines I do and don’t like. Time to go back to the drawing board!

Ultimately, I do want to have my posing feel like it’s a reflection of my personality. And so that will also come into play with what I choose. And honestly, I am really freaking proud of all the work I have put into my lower body. I love how the muscles have grown and the definition that is happening. So I really want to show that off. I also really have difficulty with the front pose. I am never sure how my feet are supposed to be, and I get a crease in my hip area. I’m sure I’ll nail down what works best for me, but that is definitely not an easy pose!


Well, as I get ready to head into 9 weeks out, I’m really not stressed about things. I would be elated if my coach said I was ready to compete Oct 3, but I certainly wouldn’t cry or be upset if I needed to wait until next season. This is my lifestyle, these are my life long goals, and there’s no need to feel a rush or like time is running out. It’s not, and I know I’ll be entering into my 27th year and our Mexico vacation in the best physical shape and health I’ve ever been in. And that’s exciting in and of itself!


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