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I guess you could say that I am a high stress individual. In fact, I think most people who are in my life on a day to day basis would agree with that statement. Perhaps I am a typical “Type A,” personality, or maybe I have some basic OCD tendencies. Either way, I would say that I live my life at and function within a high level of stress.

That could be why I spent several years doing event coordinating, and that is actually one of the reasons I am not currently doing events! If you’ve ever been involved with event coordinating, you’d know that it is very high stress, and takes someone who can handle plenty of it in order to get the job done.

I can usually tell when I am stressed because there are a few key signs that my body tends to display. I will wake up with a sore jaw because I clench my teeth while I sleep when I am stressed. My dentist has warned me that I will end up with hairline fractures in my teeth if I am not careful! My left eye will start to twitch. Thankfully this is not very noticeable to the public, it’s pretty subtle, but I can absolutely feel it. I will wake up in the middle of the night thinking about whatever it is that is stressing me out. For instance, last night I woke up at 2am (seems to be the usual time lately,) and immediately began thinking about how I hadn’t scheduled a recurring meeting with someone like I needed to, and put it at the top of my to-do list mentally for today.

As you can see, I clearly stress easily and lately it has been taking its toll on me. I have not had the energy I normally do, I haven’t been sleeping well, and I had a day last week of just complete stress-eating…which thankfully was on my already scheduled refeed day! So I am making it a point to work on finding stress relief.

Last night before I went to bed, I turned off my phone, Ipad, TV etc 20 minutes prior to trying to fall asleep. I laid in bed and took slow and deep breaths. I mentally went through each limb in my body, starting from each foot and all the way up to my head. This morning I started out by stretching. I didn’t get to eat breakfast at the table like I hoped, as I was rushed, so I ate while standing up stirring the French press! But on my drive to work I switched from typical workout upbeat music to a jazz playlist and it helped me calm back down. I took a few moments this morning at my desk when I started to feel stressed to close my eyes and breathe deeply. And finally, I am writing this.

You see, while you may not really get anything out of this post at all, at least I feel as though I can get things out. Tell you that I am aware of it and am working on it. It’s something that I don’t like about myself, and I know that in the long run I need to find ways to relieve the stress because it really is not good for you! So I am working on it. I’m a work in progress. :)


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