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Some of you may know already that I have teamed up with ClassPass to give their services a try and share my experience with you! I have been using their services now for a week or so, and have been absolutely loving it!


So, first off, what is ClassPass? It’s a monthly membership (just like a gym membership) but instead of just ONE gym, you get access to a large variety of boutique studios and classes around your city. You can sign up to attend any of the classes (it is SO hard to pick which ones!) but the trick is, you can only visit each studio 3 times in a month. This is so that you get out of your comfort zone and try new things! There are so many incredible classes and studios offered, that I guarantee you will have NO trouble filling your time!

So far, I have tried a class at Reign City Fitness, called Butts and Guts that focuses on your core and glutes (um, who doesn’t LOVE that!??!) which I completely loved! It takes a lot for my abs to get sore, and the instructor (Julie Tro) did a phenomenal job doing just that! I also took some of the great glute exercises, and incorporated them into my regular workouts on leg days as my finisher to really burn out my glutes. (This is a class I would ABSOLUTELY go back to!)


This is the inside of Reign City Fitness


I took a Barre3 class in Roosevelt, and really didn’t know what to expect going into it. Turns out I loved it! It’s not really a workout where I got sweaty or gross, but you definitely feel fatigued and sore afterwards. It focuses on small isolated movements to really improve your muscle-mind connection and get great muscle contractions. I recommend this class for those who are looking to improve their balance, flexibility, and overall muscle-mind connection. I would absolutely do this class again!

I also was able to take a TRX class at Exhale! Yoga and Pilates. I have done some basic TRX moves in some of my own workouts, but never a full class. I enjoyed trying it and found it really focuses a lot on upper body. As a whole, so far this was my least favorite class I have tried, but I didn’t dislike it by any means. I think for my the instruction is really what make it less enjoyable than I anticipated. But TRX itself is a great body weight workout!


I then took a Pole Fitness class….yes, pole dancing. I have only done this one other time, which was for a bachelorette party. It was definitely fun! If you’re looking for something that doesn’t FEEL like a workout then I encourage you to try it! The hour completely FLEW by! I fell a lot, as I just had a difficult time getting momentum to go around the pole enough times. :) So I definitely have some “battle wounds” and bruises! But it was really enjoyable to just do something completely different than I am used to!


Aerial yoga


Today, I have an aerial yoga class that I am really looking forward to! I have been meaning to incorporate yoga into my regular workout regime, and just havent really gotten around to it….and I have been obsessed with aerial artistry lately, so this is a perfect fit! :) I’ll keep you all updated on what other classes I plan to take, so far I have scheduled a Booty Barre class, Surfset and Burn, and then hoping to take a kettlebell class, and kickboxing class as well! :)

This experience has been incredibly fun! I’m not an outgoing person, so it has been a blast to get out of my comfort zone, try totally new workouts and classes and see what else I may enjoy beyond bodybuilding! If you haven’t looked into ClassPass I encourage you to do so! You will definitely find some unique classes you will like!


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