Living Fit // Banana Bread Protein Pancake

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One of my favorite things is banana bread! My mom makes the BEST banana bread I have had in my life, and since I have been eating clean and focusing on my health, I have not indulged in my mother’s amazing banana bread….let’s just say while it tastes DIVINE, it’s not the best for you. :) So I set out to create a way to satisfy my desire for banana bread but without cheating on my regular eating habits. That is how this banana bread protein pancake came about!


This is a variation from my pumpkin protein pancake, with just a few changes. Really, you can take the basics of this protein pancake and make all sorts of variations! I like to make this particular pancake on days I feel like a change from my pumpkin pancake. It’s a bit higher in natural sugars, so you want to be sure not to add any maple syrup etc so as not to spike your blood sugar too high.


– 1 small banana (I prefer ones that are yellow and starting to spekle, but you can use any ripeness you like. Note that the riper the banana is, the sweeter it will be.)

– 1/2 cup rolled oats

– 2 tbs flaxseed

– 5/8 cup liquid egg whites

– splash of vanilla

– blueberries (optional)




– Place the oats and flaxseed in a blender and blend until it becomes a flour-like consistency. (I use a magic bullet.) Then place the mixture in a mixing bowl.

– In the blender, place the banana (I break it up in smaller chunks first,) egg whites and vanilla. Blend this until it is smooth. It will probably get a bit bubbly, so it may fill the cup up more than you anticipate.

– Pour the banana/egg mixture into the mixing bowl with the oats and mix them together until smooth.

– If you wish, toss in a small handful of blueberries and fold.

– Spray your cooking pan (I use a non-stick skillet) with some oil and pour the mixture onto the pan.

– Cook the pancake on a medium-low heat. This first side will take longer than the second. I let the pancake cook for a minute or so, until the edges look fairly well cooked. This pancake is extra fluffy and soft, so it is more difficult to flip and takes longer to cook.

– Flip the pancake and let the second side cook for about 45 seconds.

Viola! :) This is definitely one of my favorite pancakes! I recently started adding the blueberries for fun, and it’s quite enjoyable! It is high in natural sugar simply because of the banana. But it is jam packed full of protein, carbs and energy! Plus it satisfies that banana bread craving! :)

Let me know if you give this pancake a try!


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