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It took me a while to really focus on building up my delts (shoulders) and actually it took me a while before I even realized that my delts were lagging behind! Once I realized they needed some extra love and attention, I dedicated an entire day to shoulders each week. Now, here are a few of my favorite delt workouts that have helped shape my shoulders!


LEFT: Jan 20, 2014 RIGHT: Jan 5, 2015

LEFT: Jan 20, 2014
RIGHT: Jan 5, 2015


Cable Front Raises

I love these! Using the cable keeps the delts under constant tension, and makes it a bit more fun! I like to use the rope extension for these, though recently I have been using a straight bar.

Cable Lateral Raises

This one is HARD! I still am on the first or second plate! In general lateral raises are tough, so expect this to be difficult! Again, the cable keeps the delt under constant tension. I do these one arm at a time (as shown in the link,) and use either the single plate (which is maybe 10lbs?) or up to 20lbs at this point.

Cable Face Pulls

I really enjoy this particular exercise! It works your delts and really adds some roundness to the shoulders. I use the rope extension, and finish off at the cable station with this one!

Upright Rows

I personally have been doing these upright rows using an EZ Curl barbell, but you can do these using a regular barbell or even using the rope extension on the cable machine. I find that I have more control using the EZ Curl barbell.

Rear Delt Flyes

This one is great, but I can’t yet go very heavy. This works the rear head on the delt, and I prefer to use the machine. You can do these as seated bent over rear delt flyes as well.

Full Lateral Raises

These are a little different than normal lateral raises, and they add a lot of roundness to the shoulder. (This may be my all-time favorite delt exercise!) I grab two dumbbells and super set these with shrugs. This particular exercise you will want a lower weight as they are HARD! So if you are supersetting with shrugs, you’ll need low weight for these, and a higher weight for shrugs.


This particular exercise actually works your traps, but I include it in my shoulder workout. I like to superset this with the full lateral raise! Excellent burn! I enjoy doing these infront of the mirror and watching my delts flex!

Arnold Press

I typically use this as my finisher! I just pump these out until failure on each set. Feel the burn!!!


Give these delt exercises a try and let me know how you like them! Give them a few weeks of consistency before you really check to see if your delts have grown :) Growth takes time!


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