Two Years Married!


Today is my husband and I’s two year anniversary! Time flies! Some days it feels like we have been married for a million years, and then sometimes we realize it’s only been 2 years! :)

We have had a great second year of marriage. We spent the year enjoying our friendship and companionship, supporting each other through changes, and remembering what is important in life and how blessed we are.

I truly married up! :) I am constantly amazed at how compassionate, understanding and selfless my husband is! He always encourages me, whether it’s when I’ve had a bad day or he is encouraging me to chase my dreams, he is such an encouragement! He makes me laugh every single day! Without fail! Whether he is doing some silly dance, making a sarcastic joke, or telling me a funny story, I can always count on a laugh. He enlightens me. I am consistently learning something new, being made aware of issues in our world, and hearing about incredible inventions and science. He shares his interests with me, sometimes I’ll admit I only half listen, but the fact that he still tells me and is excited makes me want to listen every time. :) Don’t worry, he knows that!

And, not to mention, he has been incredibly supportive in my fitness journey! He never once has complained about the time I spend in the gym, eating clean, or eating the same thing all the time. He holds me accountable, challenges me to arm wrestling (which I didn’t win, but came close! Give it another 6 months and we’ll see!) and holds strong when I feel weak. He has been a rock in this journey and I am so grateful!

I am so blessed to be married to my best friend, and cannot imagine life without him!

We are blessed to spend our lives together, and are excited to see what this next year brings! Here are a few of our favorite photos from our wedding. :)















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