Living Fit // Why a Nutritionist?

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You may have heard me mention a few times now about how I have been seeing a nutritionist for a year. You may have wondered why, how did I go about finding a nutritionist, how has my experience been, and would I recommend one? Well, if you have been asking those questions, good news-I’m going to answer them in this post!

Why see a nutritionist?

I don’t claim to know everything, be an expert in anything or have the vast knowledge to make perfect decisions regarding fitness and health. So, I have no problem reaching out to those more knowledgeable than myself! I sought out the help of a nutritionist because I knew very little about how food affected my body.

Our culture bombards us with processed and unhealthy choices that are made simple and easy. We are also bombarded with commercials and messaging that encourages chemicals, quick fixes, sugar, and all sorts of miss-information. I wanted to cut through the noise and gain information and knowledge from someone who was educated in this area. So I looked for a nutritionist.

How did I find my nutritionist?

I checked to see if this was something covered by my insurance (let’s be real, I wasn’t holding my breath!) But it turned out to be completely covered! So then I searched for preferred providers in my area. I read their bios, checked some of their articles and information on their websites, and compared and contrasted my options.

Ultimately, I decided to go with Mary Purdy because she is knowledgeable, informative, holistic, and had great videos and podcasts. She had been a guest on various news stations and media channels and I found that she was great to listen to. She also had a lot of great credentials. So I booked my first appointment!

How has my experience been?

It has been incredible! I never felt pressured or backed into a corner, and each time I left the office feeling encouraged and equipped to make changes to better my health. I initially brought in 2 weeks worth of food logs, and we discussed them. She took note of foods I didn’t like, foods I did like, and gave great tips. Each time, I left with a sheet of paper with action steps to take as well as usually with some copies of great recipes to try. Mary makes you feel comfortable, asks great questions, and helps guide you in making wise choices with your nutrition.

Beyond having great sessions, I learned a lot about proper nutrition, the benefits that food gives my body, and ultimately- I saw my body change! Once I cleaned up my diet and began eating properly, my body began to truly transform! Take a look at just 3 months of implementing the changes she gave me!

LEFT: The day I met with my nutritionist RIGHT: 3 months later!

LEFT: The day I met with my nutritionist
RIGHT: 3 months later!

LEFT: The day I met with my nutritionist RIGHT: Jan 2, 2015 (One year of making changes to eating clean)

LEFT: The day I met with my nutritionist
RIGHT: Jan 2, 2015 (One year of making changes to eating clean)

I have truly enjoyed and learned SO MUCH from meeting with my nutritionist regularly! I went from eating what I thought were healthy items, to eating completely clean, and feeling the best I ever have. I also gained the ability to understand what my body is telling me. Before, I had no idea that my body wasn’t functioning well, or what signals it was giving me. Now, I can tell immediately if my protein is too high or my carbs too low, or if I have slacked on my water intake or even sleep deprivation. It is incredible how well I have come to know my body.

If you are striving to live a healthy lifestyle, and are wanting to make changes to your diet and workouts, I encourage you to look into meeting with a nutritionist. I now see my nutritionist once in a while, and we shoot emails back and forth if I have a question, but I have truly found her advice and knowledge to me monumental in my transformation to a healthy life. Try meeting with a nutritionist in your area and see how the changes they recommend can improve your life!


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