Living Fit // To Wash Your Hair Or Not?

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If you are female, you’ve probably heard for several years now that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day. Or maybe you haven’t heard that, but I’m guessing if you don’t live under a rock you’ve heard it! So, that’s a great idea, but what about us gym bunnies?! (Notice how I didn’t say rats??) I don’t know about you, but when I workout, I sweat…..A LOT! So what is a girl to do?

I’ve searched high and low to find out what other gym-going girls do. Apparently, just rinsing your hair with water is a thing….so I gave it a try. It is NOT for me! Oh my gosh! I am one who looks like I stepped out of the shower when I am done with my workouts, and so just rinsing the sweat out of my hair was a nightmare. My hair was greasy looking, gnarly, and stinky. Now, I gave this a fair shot! I tried this many times and not once did it work well for me. I also have fine hair….so that doesn’t help.

Some girls just tie their hair in a bun while working out and again rinse when needed. Dry shampoo is also their best friend. This again didn’t solve my problem. I have long hair and putting it up in a bun is too difficult. I stick with the high ponytail or occasionally the side braid (usually on tricep days!) But again, having thin hair and sweating a lot doesn’t make for a great combination!

I’m not saying I have a perfect solution…but I have found what works for me. I wash my hair after every workout. *gasp!* However, I wash my hair with Wen. I have found that it is less harsh on my hair than typical sudsy shampoos, so my hair doesn’t get as dry or brittle. It keeps my hair clean and hydrated. (If you are curious about my initial thoughts on using Wen, check out my initial review here.)

On the day or two a week when I’m not working out, I use the dry shampoo/massage/blow dry technique. I will spray my roots with dry shampoo before bed and not massage it or anything. Just let it sit there and do its magic! Then in the morning I spray a little more in my problem areas, massage it in, and then blow dry my hair upside down while shaking it out a bit. This gives it a bit more volume and body.

I sincerely wish I was a girl who could get away without washing my hair! On a major rest week (and before I was in the gym all the time) I would go 4 days without washing my hair. That maybe sounds a little gross, but it was glorious. I rocked that sock bun on days 3 and 4! But to be honest, washing my hair daily is a price I am willing to pay in order to keep making progress with my fitness. (Plus doesn’t it feel SO GOOD to leave a workout completely drenched?? I always feel like I accomplished so much and just tore it up in the gym when I leave super sweaty!)

If you are searching for a solution to dealing with your hair after a sweaty workout, give Wen a try! I know it’s expensive, but I have had two bottles of it for 4 months now and only just recently opened bottle number 2. It’s lasted me a lot longer than I anticipated! I also ordered mine off of Amazon for a cheaper price. :)

So, girls- what do you do post workout with your hair? Do you wash daily? Rinse? Share your secrets!


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