Living Fit // The Importance of Water


I’m sure you have heard many times how important it is to keep your body hydrated. It seems that we hear it all the time, and yet it can be so hard to actually drink the appropriate amounts of H2O! I remember thinking how boring water is, and how I hated having to head down the hall to the restroom all the time. But I have learned over time just how important it really is to keep hydrated.

I used to get headaches frequently. I would wake up with them, or get them partway through the day. I never knew why, I just assumed they were due to stress. Once I started really focusing on drinking a gallon of water a day, I started to notice I wasn’t getting headaches anymore. On those few days where I get busy and forget to drink the appropriate amount of water, I end up with a headache. I now know that those headaches are my body’s way of responding to a lack of hydration!

Drinking water has so many health benefits!

– it aids in proper digestion

– it helps clear up your skin

– it helps you fight fatigue during an extra long workout

– it keeps your kidneys in tip top shape

– it keeps the cartilage around your joints hydrated (cartilage is about 80% water)

– it keeps the fluids in your body balanced

– it helps keep kidney stones away! (Ahem! I’ve got a friend with lots of experience in this area! And trust me- they learned their lesson!)

– it is a natural immune booster!


There are so many other great health benefits of drinking the appropriate amount of water! I am one who’s body needs a LOT of water. This may be TMI, but I sweat a LOT when I workout. We are talking so much so that a child has mistaken me for taking a shower with my clothes on in the locker room after a workout! I drink typically close to 2 gallons of water a day. At the VERY minimum I drink a gallon. And no, coffee and tea don’t count because they are actually more likely to dehydrate you due to the caffeine. I try to keep my coffee, tea and other liquid consumption to a minimum.

The more I drank water, the more I got used to it. The less I thought it was boring, or desire other liquids. Initially, I would add Crystal Light to my water, but as I cleaned up my diet, I found that the chemicals in Crystal Light had an adverse effect on my body. At the suggestion of my nutritionist (she is incredible!) I started adding Celestial’s “Zinger” tea to my water. I would switch it up between the lemon and the hibiscus flavors. Then I switched to just adding some lemon or cucumber slices to my water. Now, I just prefer plain water. Preferably cold.

I have found that the health benefits of drinking the appropriate amount of water far outweigh the awkward times when an hour long meeting is simply too long for you to sit through without a bathroom break! (And to be honest, your coworkers get used to it!)

I encourage you to drink more water! Start with baby steps by adding Crystal Light or Celestial Tea, or even infusing your water with fruits! Aim for 8 glasses of 8 oz of water a day, and see how you feel.


3 thoughts on “Living Fit // The Importance of Water

    1. I would say 8x8oz a day is for someone who is sedentary and just starting to try and drink the appropriate amounts of water. Like I said, I drink anywhere from 1-2 gallons of water a day. Anything less than 1 and I am dehydrated. But I am a very active individual and I need that amount of water. When I just started taking my health seriously, drinking 8x8oz was really hard. So that is why I chose that basic recommended amount as a starting point.

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