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There are a lot of really great workout programs out there! I hear so many great things about all of the Beachbody products and more! I personally, have never been one to do programs because I like having the freedom to do my own thing. So I thought I would share with you some of my top 5 basic moves for each area!

I primarily lift weights, and then do cardio and plyometrics to supplement what I am doing in the weight room. Here are some of my favorites I do regularly!


Full Lateral Raises (These are crazy hard, but SO good! It’s a different version of the traditional lateral raise.)

Front Cable Raises (You can do these with plates, but I feel I have more control over the amount of weight when I use the cables. I actually use the rope piece and do both shoulders at once.)

Rear Delt Flyes (I use the chest fly machine for these, but you could use the cables!)

Face Pulls (These also work your rear delts, and add roundness to the shoulder.)

Shoulder Press (I have been doing these seated lately.)



– Chest Flyes (video: minute 3:12   I like to do these with cables, and do three different variations!)

– Push Ups (These took me forever to accomplish! I LOVE them!)

Dumbell Chest Press (I like to do these with my neck on a stability ball!)

Overhead Tricep Extension (These are awesome for a great tricep isolation!)

Tricep Pushdown (reverse grip, with a V-bar or regular, or even a rope!)



– Pull Ups (Working towards being able to do an un-assisted pull-up.)

Seated Rows (I switch up between a wide and a close grip.)

Single Arm Rows (These are a new favorite!)

Preacher Curls (I use a machine for these, and OMG they are incredible!)

Single Arm Cable Curls (these are hard but great!)



Squats (all of them! Deep, split stance, sumo…all of them!)

Isolated Glute Push-downs (I do this using the assisted pull up machine. SO GOOD!)

Cable Kickbacks (This one is awesome for isolating glutes too!)

Lunges (I do these using two 25-30lb dumb bells…so painful but so good!)

Leg Press (I love these, but particularly a JUMPING leg press!)



Jack Knife (Using a stability ball, or TRX straps!)

Leg Raises (Hanging, or while laying on the floor.)

Ab Wheel (This one is challenging! I also enjoy this one using TRX straps.)

Stability Ball Pass (I also like to do this one with a dumb bell, except not passing the dumb bell.)

Sit Ups (Who doesn’t love these??)



– Jump Rope (This makes a great warm up!)

– Rowing Machine (Really great cardio workout that focuses on both your arms and legs.)

– Stair Climber (This one is definitely my all-time favorite!)

Box Jumps (Plyometric and really gets your heart rate up! I sometimes do these in the park on a bench.)

Kettlebell Swings (This is more of a strength-based cardio move. But it gets your heart rate up quick!)


I switch up my workouts every 3-4 weeks so that my body is always on its toes. But these are definitely my go-to moves. What are some of your favorite moves?


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