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I have been working on living a healthy lifestyle for almost 2 years now. If there’s one thing that I have found to be the absolute most important (besides making a commitment to working out each week,) it is meal prep! When I first started my fitness journey, I didn’t do a lot to clean up my diet and nutrition. Sure, I saw results from just working out, but it was never the amount of results I had hoped for. Once I began eating clean and meeting my macros, my body changed dramatically! Now the challenge is, how on earth can you eat clean and meet your macros on a day to day basis? There are so many easy routes when it comes to food, but they tend to be processed, full of fat, sodium and sugar, with little nutritional value. Eating a clean diet seems like, and truly can be, a daunting task. So, how do you do it? Meal prep.

I work 5 days a week. I am at the gym 2 hours every day, and come home to be up only a few more hours before I go back to sleep. So how on earth do I eat clean with a busy schedule?

Each Saturday, my husband and I go grocery shopping. We spent some time on Friday figuring out all of our dinners for the week. We make a grocery list on the Apple Reminders app, and it shows up on both of our phones. I eat the same thing every day for lunch, day in and day out. So making my list for lunches is easy. My husband has been eating clean with me, so we do just about the same thing for his lunches as well, except he doesn’t eat as much as I do! We do our grocery shopping together on Saturday, and then I spend some time Sunday afternoon prepping the food.

We recently started prepping our dinners as well in order to keep our diets clean and macros met. We eat the same thing for dinner 5 nights a week, then one cheat meal on the weekend and one healthy but different meal the last day. We switch up the marinade and veggies every few days to keep it interesting. I prep this on Sunday as well when I prep my lunches. (I have actually sometimes made our chicken all the same so I am not prepping two different styles!) When you do meal prep, the crockpot is your best friend. It allows me to slow cook chicken overnight while I am busy sleeping, and then slow cook a different item during the day. It frees up my oven and keeps the heat in the house down!

Some people have mentioned that they feel this diet must be boring, but to be honest, we didn’t switch to eating this way overnight. It took time and small adjustments. And it’s really not that boring! We use spices, marinades and switch up vegetables. And while it may seem boring to most, it really does make having your one cheat meal each week be extremely special! We look forward to it, think about what we want it to be, and we THOROUGHLY enjoy it! Before we were eating this clean, it was too easy to have a cheat meal more than once a week, and not appreciate it. Where now we really look forward to it, and it feels well earned!

Anyway, if I run short on something, or I forget to meal prep, I am doomed. I find myself in a tough situation! My hunger kicks in, my blood sugar drops, and I get hAngry! When that happens, I usually end up eating things I regret. So I try to avoid that situation all together!

I even do this when I know I am going to be gone somewhere on a weekend day. It just takes some fore thought.

When I cleaned up my diet and committed to meal prep, I saw my fitness get taken to a whole new level. My body has never been healthier, worked as well, and I certainly have never known my body better than I do now! Not to mention the immediate, quick and drastic changes to my physique!!

While prepping your meals and planning ahead can seem like a lot of work, it truly pays off! If you have been considering starting to do meal prep, or been fearful of it, I challenge you to start! Just try it one week and see how it goes! We have been going strong with meal prepping in some way for well over a year, and we will never look back! :)


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