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I have been on the search for the holy grail of hair care systems for years. I’ve tried drugstore brands, middle brands and high end brands. But nothing has struck me as “I can’t live without it” quality or results. Since working out 6 out of 7 days a week leaves my hair drenched in sweat, I have been washing it daily. This has resulted in somewhat dry, frizzy and just not my normal health of hair. So the hunt continued…..until now.

So I don’t know about you, but I have seen commercials for Wen for years and have always been curious about it! I never took the plunge because let’s face it, it’s EXPENSIVE! But I decided to actually give it a shot finally. So since I’m sure others are just as curious about it as I am, I thought I would share my experience along the way.

So, first a little bit about my hair type.

I have long hair, it’s almost to my rear end at this point. It’s colored and lightened. It’s naturally curly, and I have layers. I have reallllly fine hair. It’s not thick in any way! But I have quite a bit of it. So it doesn’t appear super thin. It’s naturally really shiny and silky, and not coarse at all. I struggle with it being frizzy at the top. As the day goes on, the back of my hair by my neck tends to get super tangled, so I try and keep that managed. I used to wash my hair every 4 days, and use a lot of dry shampoo. But because I am in the gym 6 days a week and look like I took a shower when I am done due to all the sweat, I wash my hair every day now. (I try not to wash my hair on my 1 rest day a week though.)
Because I wash my hair just about every day, I wanted to find a hair care system that is gentle. Something that doesn’t dry out my hair but that keeps it hydrated and gently clean.

I’ve tried all sorts of hair care systems and paid various amounts for them. So far my favorite has been the Oribe Signature collection. But I still wasn’t IN LOVE with it. (I do happen to really like the conditioner, and recommend that!) I also recently tried the Living Proof no frizz collection and was pretty unimpressed. I love Jennifer Aniston but this product line did NOT cut the frizz! Then the most recent system I tried was Fekkai Gloss system. I love their leave in gloss creme, but was far from impressed with the shampoo and conditioner.

So, I thought I would give Wen a try. I hear great things about it all the time, and it seems like a cleansing conditioner would be pretty gentle for everyday use and leave my hair hydrated. (A cleansing conditioner is exactly that….a thick conditioner that cleanses your hair. They don’t lather at all, so you have to actually do some scrubbing!)

I ordered my Wen from Amazon, because let’s be real, who wants to automatically be subscribed to get more when you aren’t even sure if you will like it. I went with the Fall Apple Spice scent because I looooove fall.

So, my thoughts in using Wen for almost 2 weeks:

– this particular scent smells more like maple and cinnamon than apple. But that’s ok with me!
– it is crazy hydrating! My hair feels silky smooth even when I rinse the product out in the shower!!
– they recommend a crazy amount! I started with one pump at a time and worked my way up. (Before hand I SOAKED my hair in the water of the shower.) I ended up using 4 pumps. Like I said….my hair is thin!
– you really have to scrub and massage your scalp to get it clean…which is a little tough after an intense arm workout! Haha
– my scalp tingles a bit when it’s on, I noticed it the first few times, now I barely feel the tingle.
– I scrub it with a bit of water and then after I’m done scrubbing I comb through with a wide tooth comb and toss my hair up in a clip until the end of my shower. I focused primarily on my scalp but then towards the end I made sure my mid to ends got some love.
– I rinse really well, but with 4 pumps it doesn’t take as much as I assumed it would to get it all out.
– my hair air dried really curly and a bit less frizzy
– my hair blow dried the BEST it ever has! Completely frizz free! Silky smooth, shiny and beautiful!
– my scalp didn’t look greasy at all
– my hair was incredibly soft! I can’t stop touching it! When it is wet it feels a bit fragile, but smooth. Then when it’s dry its just gloriously smooth and soft.

So this is after about two weeks. So far I think this may be THE ONE! I am thoroughly impressed, and it’s only gotten better the more I’ve used it! I’m a big advocate for deep conditioners and masks, I usually use one weekly….I haven’t touched them since I started using Wen. I will probably use one in the coming week, maybe cut it to once a month even. Wen has been so hydrating! Plus, my husband keeps mentioning how good my hair smells and that he can smell it in the bathroom after I shower haha.

Anyway, so far I am IN LOVE with Wen. I’ll do another update in a few weeks!


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