Living Fit // What Am I Doing?

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I suppose it is time to announce to the public what I am doing with all of this fitness hoopla. I have kept it quiet for 6 months now, only having told my husband, parents, siblings and finally a few coworkers and gym friends. But as this process progresses, and my life becomes more focused on living a healthy lifestyle, I can’t really hide this anymore, and I guess I don’t really want to!

So, here it goes: I am preparing to compete in my first ever NPC Bikini Bodybuilding competition in early May 2015.

I know, kind of a big goal!! I am sure I will get plenty of questions along the way, now that you are made aware of what I am doing. But what I can go ahead and start out by saying is that I decided to make this my goal back in February of 2014. I just didn’t tell anyone except my husband at that point. (It’s kind of an intimidating thing to say out loud so we kept it amongst ourselves for quite some time.) I have never done this before, and am excited, and loving the process so far! I decided to aim for this because I love building muscle and getting stronger, and I like to push myself. I like to challenge myself and grow, so this was a big challenge to strive for!

I don’t use the scale to determine my victories, instead I use progress pictures. So I can say as a whole, since April 2013, I haven’t lost any weight. In fact, I gained at first, then it began dropping off. I’m sure it will continue to drop to where I have in fact lost weight since the beginning, but not yet. Anyway, that’s not how I determine success. I can’t even tell you how many inches I have lost since I don’t actively track that either. But I can guess that I have lost probably close to 8 inches? Anyway, progress is seen in my muscle development and leaning out!

I have the most supportive husband, and he is always encouraging me. He even voluntarily eats the meals with me for dinners every day, and lets me plan his breakfasts and lunches too. :) He doesn’t mind all of the meal prep, and is happy to eat clean with me. We do both thoroughly enjoy our cheat meal every weekend though! :) He has never once complained about the amount of time I spend in the gym each day! And he of course doesn’t have any complaints about the changes happening to my body composition!

Really, I couldn’t do this without his support! :) He’s the best!

This is the first sport I have ever really thoroughly enjoyed, and plan on continuing this for the foreseeable future. I have only had positive experiences so far and can’t wait to see where I am a year from now! Sure, at first the eating and intense workouts were tough, but you rise to the occasion, grow and push through. I no longer complain about going to the gym, or even eating clean. I am loving this entire process!

So, as I am blogging again, you can expect to read more about my experience so far, what I am learning, and the entire process along the way!


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