Wedding Week Begins

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So, I have been pretty MIA from the blog for a good while now. Sorry for those of you who are regulars….which I feel like I might be hearing crickets out there? ;) haha Anyway, it has been a bit crazy busy lately with the wedding coming up in…..wait for it….. 8 days! And prepping at work for being gone for a couple weeks. Not to mention all of the holidays in between! Needless to say, I have been busy! But, I thought I would take a few moments to update you all on how I am feeling one week out from saying, “I DO.”

Well, Nathon and I have been engaged for 14 months by the day we get married. For most, that would seem like AGES to be engaged. For us, it has been perfect. I never thought that I would enjoy such a long engagement, but I really have. There have been so many blessings along the way! We got a LOT of the big things for the wedding nailed down within 2 months of being engaged. I’m talking venue, photographer, cake design, dress, colors, theme, center pieces, ceremony decor, etc. We have had our honeymoon booked and flights booked since before August, and I just started packing tonight! We got a LOT done. So then, it was easy to relax and enjoy being engaged. We got to work on our relationship, I got an amazing job and so did he, we combined incomes, we budgeted together, we paid off debt, we got a new car, we started the long process of house hunting, along with just growing together as a couple.

Another benefit of having such a long engagement has been that I can honestly answer the question, “Have you been super stressed out?” with “NO!” We had so much done so early, and knew what we wanted, that I really haven’t been stressed or worried. We got to take everything in stride, work on things together, and not freak out. I never felt rushed or frazzled. There has only been one aspect that has caused me any remote level of stress which was just getting invitations out in time. Which happened. So I stressed a little bit over nothing. But overall, compared to most brides, I would say…I have been pretty stress-free! Which is a complete blessing!!

Nathon is such a stress-free person, and doesn’t let the little things bug him, and he is DETERMINED to have that rub off on me ;) so I think having him not stress helped me not stress. We have really had a wonderful time being engaged, and the wedding completely snuck up on us! We are ready for it! But it totally snuck up! It feels like we were just saying that the wedding was 9 months away! haha! Anyway, I have been busy doing seating arrangements, place cards, handmade tokens, ordering candy, etc. It’s been all of the little details that needed to be done close to the wedding that have taken up my evenings and weekends lately. So it will be fun seeing everything come together!

Our week leading up to the wedding is going to look like:

– beauty prep for me ;) meaning: tanning, hair color, eyebrows done, lashes, nails, spray tan etc.

– haircut for him :)

– printing programs, place cards, and escort cards

– cutting out escort cards

– cleaning and packing candy jars

– finishing packing for the honeymoon

– wrapping up bridesmaids gifts

– sending off the final head count and seating chart

– getting my ring cleaned

– dinner with my dad’s side of the family that is flying in for the wedding

– rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

– wedding galore!

It has been interesting seeing who has RSVP’d and what friends and family are able to make it. We have had our date set for over a year, and most people knew about it, so it has definitely been rather interesting. A lot of people we anticipated coming declined, and a lot of people we weren’t sure would come are super excited about attending. We have made new friends over the year who we have invited and are really starting to appreciate those who are truly important to us. It’s easy to get caught up in being disappointed over who isn’t coming, but it has been so much fun knowing that a lot of the people who we dearly love are going to be there with us. Something that it has taught us is that family isn’t necessarily about blood relation, it’s about heart connection. And it has been so great to have such wonderful people in our lives that are going to be with us to celebrate.

We are excited to spend the rest of our lives together, call each other husband and wife, grow old together and laugh together. I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone, or so content with anyone. It’s such a blessing to have a respectful, caring, loving, strong, creative and honorable man spending his life with me :) Not to mention that we both love to be silly and have a good laugh at weird things :)

Anyway, just thought I would give  a week out update!! Hope to see you all on Jan 12th! (I will be MIA from the blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from the 12th-21st)


One thought on “Wedding Week Begins

  1. Melissa & Nate, Our family are excited to spend your special wedding day with you. Although we had planned our family vacation for January we are returning early when realizing we would have been gone. You and Nate are wonderful people and family and cannot thank you enough for the special pictures you took on our 30th Anniversary celebration. We wish you both much happiness and a long life together.

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