DIY: Christmas Painting

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So I started this little DIY painting project because I discovered I had a completely blank canvas sitting in one of my boxes! I don’t paint very often anymore, but it’s still something I enjoy. This is a perfect excuse to make something fun, adorable, and seasonal! I didn’t want to make something I would have out all year long, but something that could be for winter. This is really easy to make and looks so good! so, here’s a step by step tutorial! (sorry my pictures are with my iphone!)

What you will need:

– a canvas (any size will do, as well as new or old, or thin or thick! Mine happens to be old but never used, and thin.)

– white acrylic paint or gesso (I have gesso, but white acrylic will work fine)

– acrylic paint color of your choice (I chose a grey/silver…I also happened to have cheap paint..I recommend getting good quality and not craft store brand because it’s thinner. The better quality, the better coverage!)

– tracing paper

– pencil (I used a traditional 2B pencil, I recommend using a B pencil because they are softer)

– paint brush

– glitter of your choice (mine was the clear kind so that the paint color would show through)

– modge podge or elmer’s glue

– deer print out (download HERE)


Step 1:

Make sure your canvas is completely white. Mine was old so it had a few marks on it, so I went over it with my gesso (or white acrylic paint) to make sure it was an even white.


Step 2:

Print out the deer design (download above) and grab your tracing paper and pencil.


Step 3:

Place your tracing paper over top of the print out, and begin to trace. Press with a medium weight as you trace, not too light and not too hard. You want to make sure you get enough pencil on the tracing paper, but not so hard that you rip the paper!


Step 4:

After the deer is traced, flip the tracing paper upside down and place it on top of your canvas so that it is positioned where you would like, (I placed mine in the center.) Then re-trace the deer, but this time it will be on the back side of the tracing paper. You will be going over the pencil lines you made, and it will transfer onto the canvas!


Step 5:

Remove the tracing paper, and check to make sure everything transferred. If there are some spots that didn’t transfer, just go ahead and lightly sketch them in if you can.


Step 6:

Once you have it all sketched out, go ahead and start painting it in with the acrylic paint of your choice! Since the paint I chose was a cheap one, it was really thin, so I had to do several coats. Go ahead and do as many coats as you want to get it to the coverage you would like, just make sure you let it dry completely in between coats!


Step 7:

Once all of the colored paint is dry, I let mine dry overnight, fill it in with a coat of mode podge or elmers glue. Both dry clear and will act as an adhesive! Once you have it filled in with a light coat, sprinkle it with glitter. I did a very heavy dusting (I also had it placed on a large piece of wax paper so that I could recollect the left over glitter.) Once you have the amount of glitter you would like, let it dry over night.


Step 8:

I decided to do a layer of mode podge over top of the entire piece to keep the glitter from falling off. If you want, you can use fixative as well, but it won’t be glossy.

Step 9:

Hang it up and enjoy!


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