Thankfulness Thursday // Week 3

Inspire, Lifestyle, Personal

This post is a day late…whoops!!! I started it a few days ago but I was extremely tired and was falling asleep while writing it!! So here it is now: This week I am thankful for my little family. I have an amazing fiance, who works hard, loves to laugh, is extremely caring and thoughtful, and he is so understanding and easy-going. I have an adorable Jack Russel Terrier named Ozzy, and a super cute Himalayan kitten (well, I guess she’s not a kitten anymore….) named Mila. I love that I get to spend so much time with my little family on a regular basis and just how great they are.

I am excited to be getting married in 8 weeks!!! (Can you believe that?! 8 WEEKS!) And I am excited to be able to go to spend every day with my fiance and furries. I am so blessed to have such a cute little family, and love them all so much. My fiance has had Ozzy for about 5 years now, and I’ve known Ozzy for 2. Mila was a birthday gift to me last year from Nathon, and I was SO EXCITED!!! I got to pick her out and name her, and she totally stole my heart. Both animals get along great, (though Ozzy doesn’t quite return her affection as much as she would like……though I have caught him occasionally suffering through a few ear lickings haha!) Anyway, that is what I am thankful for today! My cute little family :)


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