Thankfulness Thursday // Week 2

Inspire, Lifestyle, Personal

This week, I am thankful for my job! I know right now a lot of you are probably facing the hard reality that great jobs…let alone any jobs….are hard to come by right now. I spent a year after graduating looking for a job. I can honestly say I worked my butt off! I applied to probably on average 5 jobs a day, had 2 interviews a week, and was constantly networking and trying to improve. There was a season, around this time last year actually, where I hit an all-time low of depression. I am such a go-getter person, where I have a goal and I do everything I can to reach it, and when I don’t see the results I am looking for, it’s really disappointing. I think being around the holidays made it hard. Then of course I got swept up in DIY projects for Christmas, which kept me busy, and then as soon as it was over…depression again. I cannot even begin to express how much I LOVE my job, and am so blessed to work in a great environment with an amazing team!
I not only get to use my talents and knowledge from school, but I get to do what I enjoy! AND on TOP of that, I get to be a part of an incredible organization that is transforming lives around the world! I love that I get to spend my days doing something that makes a difference in the world. That has been my biggest desire. I, and you, could do anything we want. ANYTHING. We could be architects, chefs, teachers, engineers…anything. And I cant help but think to myself, “why would I want to do something that doesn’t change lives or make a difference?” I mean what if we didn’t have to work? What if we had everything we ever wanted, and never had to worry about stability. What would you do? I would spend my time helping those who are less fortunate, encouraging and training for sustainability, and work hard to make sure everyone has the essentials in life to survive and thrive. So….why do I need to have that be such a far off dream? Why can’t that be what I actually do? Well…I am so blessed in that I know my job makes an impact in lives around the world. That is a dream come true for me. That is far more important to me in a job than getting to be creative. And, I am so lucky, I get to do both!

That, my friends, is what I am thankful for this week. What about you? What are you thankful for?


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