OBSESSIONS // things I am crushing on

Lifestyle, Obessions

1. loving this adorable Oatmeal South West Cardigan by Windsor! The whole tribal print/Aztec prints are in and I am loving it! This is friendly on the budget but still encompasses that style. I love the neutral colors and the open flowy front. You bet I am crushing on this and wanting it in my wardrobe!! (I happen to LOVE sweaters!)

2. I am also totally loving this 3/4 sleeve Cowl Neck top in wine!! A signature staple in my wardrobe are long tunic shirts / shirt dresses. I love how they can be dressed up or down, are beyond comfortable, and go with jeans, leggings, boots and flats! (And you all know how much I love all of those!!!) I love the cowl neck on this though! High necks are not flattering on me, and I am always looking for tops that button, have a v-neck or a lower neckline that I can pair with a tank top underneath, because I find that showing my upper chest area and having it open cuts back on the “heaviness” that can SO EASILY be visually created otherwise. So I really love that this top is different in that its a cowl and not a full button down. LOVE it!! (plus the price is unbeatable!)

3. I am ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with this Tree of Life necklace from Stella & Dot. I have been eyeing it for MONTHS now, and awaiting for it to go on sale….I just can’t bring myself to splurge that much….even though I know it would be worth it and I would wear it all the time. The tree is adorable!!! I would purchase a longer chain, because I love my necklaces long. But seriously…..I need this in my life! SO CUTE!!!

4. I don’t know if you have heard me talk about this company before….but it’s one of my absolute favorites! 31 Bits is beyond amazing!  Empowering women to rise above poverty by using fashion and design. Their new fall/winter line launched recently, and this is one that I have been loving on, Petunia! Super cute! I love how full it is. The colors are beautiful! What a gorgeous statement piece!!! (And, their line is selling out FAST!!!! So get in on it quick!!)

5. This particular 31 Bits necklace has been on my radar since last year. I’m surprised it hasn’t sold out yet!!! I love the length, the layering you can do with it, the multitude of colors, and the neutral tones. I would LOVE to own this!!!! Again….waiting and hoping. :)


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