High Five for Friday!

Inspire, Lifestyle, Personal

1. This past weekend, my mom, sister and I went to go see Wicked! Pretty much my favorite Broadway! We saw it a few years ago while we were visting Europe, and since we decided not to sight see in London (we did that the last time we were there,) we decided to take the tube and go see Wicked! Each time we have seen it it has been amazing! A little different, as the actors play the characters slightly different, but still so incredible! If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you do! Find out when it’s touring near you!

2. I put my hoop nose ring back in. May seem silly, but I missed it. I hadn’t worn it in a long time due to interviews and then where I worked before my current job. But I really missed wearing it. (It’s way more comfortable, it moves around less and doesn’t get caught on things.) Way less hassle! Felt good to wear it again!

3. Tuesday was my birthday!!! But Nathon and I celebrated last Friday night. We went out to one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Seattle, and had a delicious meal. We shared spinach feta artichoke dip, I had a yummy gorgonzola burger and he had steak, I had a wonderful brown ale and then a pear martini, and to finish the night we split a molten chocolate cake….Pretty divine!!

4. Monday my work celebrated my birthday with my favorite dessert and they sang to me at least 6 different times! Then Tuesday on my actual birthday, I arrived to a decorated desk and the entire floor had my picture everywhere! I have some really wonderful coworkers!!!

5. I ordered a gorgeous scarf that I have been swooning over, from Three Bird Nest! I got the Cornelia Infinity Scarf! I have a 15% off coupon code for you to get some goodies of your own!! Three BirdNest has some gorgeous scarves, headbands, turbans, and more! Super cute!!!! (Plus- 15% off?! HECK YES!)


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