Falling in Love with Fall // Pumpkin Patch

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So, for those of you who know me this will come as no surprise….I absolutely LOVE seasons….especially fall and winter. I love the changes in the air, the environment, people’s attitudes, the foods, music, decor…everything. I particularly have a love for traditions and seasonal activities. Growing up, my family created lots of great traditions and seasonal things. For example, ever since I was three, on our birthdays we got to pick our breakfast menu and get breakfast in bed! We always play Christmas music and decorate the day after Thanksgiving, we always open a present of new pajamas on Christmas eve, and I always make gingerbread cookies. We just had some wonderful things that we did every season every year. As I get older, I find that I tend to cling to these traditions, maybe because they remind me of childhood, or simply because I love them. Either way, I love creating memories and embracing the changing seasons. One of my favorites for fall….is going to the pumpkin patch!

This year my fiance, Nathon, and I went with one of our besties, Heather, to a pumpkin patch out in Redmond. We were a little worried because it was literally POURING down rain on the drive there. Thankfully the drive was really pretty, as we went through Woodinville, which is a gorgeous little winery town. The trees were so pretty and colorful! When we parked the car in the mud on the farm, we got our cameras ready and headed out! It was still raining, but not too bad. We put our hoods up and started out by perusing the cute little squash and winter pumpkin section. (As I am getting more adventurous in the kitchen, I have been learning more about things like….squash! So I really enjoyed looking at the different types of winter pumpkins…)

and we happened to see some CINDERELLA PUMPKINS!!!! (Now, remember, I am a girl….sometimes a bit of a girly girl…..and growing up my sister and I LOVED Disney princess movies…and really any fairytale….and we would reenact them in our yard… so Cinderella is a BIG deal!!) Can’t you tell from the look on my face?? haha. So those were some of the CUTEST pumpkins ever! They are more squat than round, and have BEAUTIFUL colors!! They have a bit more rich red and bright orange to them, and not as much of a yellow tone. Seriously BEAUTIFUL. Next year I insist on getting one or two just for decor….and by then we should have a house that I can decorate to my heart’s content! YAY! We also saw acorn squash, hook neck squash, teeny tiny pumpkins etc. Super stinkin cute!

Then, my lovely fiance insisted we continue on…. So we got ourselves a wheelbarrow and plowed our way through the large pumpkin patch hunting for the perfect pumpkins. My criteria was that it needed to be symmetrical, pretty, and fairly large. I really love the pumpkins with the deep ridges, but I wasn’t too particular about that. We searched quite a bit, and picked various ones as our top few.

The further we continued on, the more we found….So we weeded out the ones that weren’t perfect. Nathon was behind the camera the majority of the time, as Heather and I were getting really into our search. Let me tell you, some of the pumpkins are freaking heavy!! And a lot of the really perfect ones….were missing their stems because others had accidentally broken them off :( but they were still cute!

Like I said….they were heavy!!!

Eventually we found our pumpkins and were happy with them! Then it was Nathon’s turn….he usually likes the ones that look funny. Ones that are lopsided or completely strange shapes. He also tends to enjoy the “warty” ones, so that was what I anticipated he would pick. However, this year he decided he didn’t want to participate in the carving. So he wanted his pumpkin to be used to make pumpkin pie…so he chose a small one that was the perfect size for using in the kitchen. Now, we picked this while having no idea what the requirements are for pie pumpkins…..and he picked a good one! Yay!

So we got all three of our pumpkins and headed to check out….I had the camera by this point and was snapping pictures of pumpkins right and left…. however when Nathon attempted to push the wheelbarrow in the mud while wearing his everyday dress shoes….and was slipping…I couldn’t resist taking pictures of that!!!

Thankfully, he didn’t fall! But it was still pretty entertaining!

Afterwards, we stopped and got some apple cider and kettle corn before we headed back home. Yummy :) Heather and I picked out our pumpkin designs….and I have only done the traditional triangle eyes, nose and lame mouth…..so this year’s design was a major task and step up for me…. I chose leaves, and heather chose an owl. We headed out to the porch to carve…in the cold….BUT we had our Oktoberfest beers in hand to help warm us up! We were out there quite a while….carving…and carving…. so then we got super cold as the sun set. Our toes and legs and fingers were completely numb. We went inside for a minute in hopes of warming up…but that only made it COLDER when we went back out!! We hurried up and then decided we would go inside and sit on the kitchen floor to scoop out the insides of the pumpkins….which was much warmer! :)

After the insides were all cleaned up we put candles in and turned out the lights…..unfortunetly our carves weren’t deep enough….so we had to go at it again. we decided to just carve all the way through this time, and we had better success! YAY! Heather’s owl still needs its eyes poked through, but it looks soo good!

Now, pumpkins are done, and it’s time to make the pumpkin pie today! :) Wish me luck!!! I’ve never made 1) a pumpkin pie or 2) a pumpkin pie from a real life pumpkin and not a can of mush…… hopefully it turns out delicious!!! EEE!!!!

What are some of the season things you do every year? Did you go to the pumpkin patch yet? What did you carve this year?


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