Try Something New


As some of you may know, I took a new job not too long ago, and get to work with a sending agency that sends veterinarians to developing countries. A good portion of the people I work with in the office have served internationally for years and are veterinarians. (Which makes for a very interesting work environment with some hilarious conversations!) One couple I work with served for years in Ethiopia, and are now back in the states working in the office. A few other coworkers served in Kenya, Nepal, and elsewhere.

This Tuesday was Bosses Day, so my coworkers and I planned a little trip to eat Ethiopian food! One of my coworkers and I had never had it before, and our boss really enjoys it! So we sneakily planned, left a little riddle note on her desk so she would know not to bring lunch the next day. Then on Bosses Day….We snatched her up and took her out!

Now, I have never been much of an adventurous eater….until the past year or so. However, Ethiopian was completely new to me! We walked into the restaurant and it was super cultural! My coworker said that it was set up and directed exactly like it would be in Ethiopia. The walls were painted a rich fuchsia with gold touches, and the music was similar to middle eastern (at least that’s what it reminded me of!) I had no idea what to order, or what to expect. Our coworker, who had lived in Ethiopia, informed us that we all would be sharing from a huge plate. She ordered for us all….which I was super grateful for!!! I would have had ZERO idea what to pick!! So, it came out with this MASSIVE plate, that had this brown bread in the bottom, then all sorts of things on top. Everything was fairly spicy actually! The meat is beef with some jalapeno and onion and called Tibs. There were potatoes that were bright yellow due to turmeric. There was a brown paste-like dish similar to the texture of humus, made of chickpeas with some spices. Cabbage, kale, and some other dishes that I can’t remember.

You tear off a piece of the brown bread, which is similar to a pancake but is spongy-er and fermented. You hold the piece of bread in your RIGHT hand (apparently it is not ok to eat with your left hand,) and you pinch up some meat and whatever other dish you like, and eat it! Overall it was pretty good! It reminded me of a mix of middle eastern food and indian food. I’m not sure its a cuisine I would eat all the time, but every once in a while I’d enjoy it.

Have you ever tried Ethiopian food? What about a totally unique food? Do you enjoy trying new types of cuisines?


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