Marvelous Monday!

Inspire, Lifestyle

This week I have a quite a few things to be thankful for!

– I started my new job! And I absolutely LOVE it! I get to work with some really wonderful people, a relaxed environment, using my creativity, in a GORGEOUS building, and work on the floor above one of my friends! My first day, my coworkers had some beautiful pink daisies for me, an adorable mug, and a giftcard to the cafe on campus!

– I got to go on a tour of the 53 acre campus that I now work on! The son of the founder took me, along with 6 other individuals on a guided tour where he told all sorts of stories. He grew up on the campus and so he remembers things from when it first opened. The building used to be a Tuberculosis hospital back in WWII, and has underground tunnels going between buildings because in the winter that is how they would transport patients and food. There also is a room that used to be the morgue, and all sorts of other really interesting aspects. It’s an absolutely gorgeous campus, and has a fascinating history.

– My fiance and I went this weekend to get some things from Ikea for the first time EVER. We ended up with a tall skinny bookshelf that fit perfectly between our couch and the wall, and a coffee table with tons of storage. You don’t really realize how important coffee or end tables are until you dont have them….and you want to set your drink down. Lol. So, now there’s places to put things! Slowly but surely things are coming together and it is starting to feel/look like a home!

– This weekend I also went to Home Depot and picked up a few more things for my growing green-thumb. I have never been able to keep plants alive, but somehow I am starting to be successful!! My bamboo is looking great, my fuscia is revivng from its 4 story windy-day fall, and my orchid just sprouted a new leaf! I picked up an African Violet, a ceramic pot for it, and a new ceramic pot for my orchid. (It was outgrowing its plastic pot…the roots were bursting through the bottom!) So those got repotted and are looking wonderful! My kitten LOVES plants….especially the bamboo and has now torn leaves off multiple shoots….Grrr. However, she is pretty cute when she is curious :)

This upcoming week I am looking forward to:

– the 2nd week of my new job

– a new DIY you will see in a couple days

– my Birchbox should be arriving!

– wearing some new work clothes!

– starting to volunteer weekly at the local chapter of the Arthritis Foundation!

What is something awesome that happened in your week and what are you looking forward to?


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