Marvelous Monday!


Monday’s are just tough all around- its the end of a wonderful weekend, the start of a long week, and the start of waking back up to an alarm. So, instead of letting myself get a case of the Monday Misery, I decided to start having “Marvelous Mondays!” Where I start off by reflecting on a couple awesome things from the previous week, followed by anticipation of some positives I am looking forward to for this upcoming week. As easy as it is to get stuck on the dread of yet another week back to the grind, I believe it is important to be grateful and excited for the good things happening in our lives. So, without further a-do, here is the VERY FIRST Marvelous Monday post!

This past week I had quite a few things that were extremely exciting!


I had AMAZING thai food at this adorable little place down the street from my fiance’s home. It’s really great to have such delicious food so close that you can walk to. This place was super yummy, and I had the Pineapple Red Curry, which I devoured. Best meal of the work week!



So our kitten just had her FIRST BIRTHDAY this past week!! :) She is officially not a baby anymore….however she will always be my baby girl. Anyway, along with turning one….she also went into heat….which I’ll admit is not the highlight of my week ;) However, the positive is, 1) she is finally normal again! and 2) we now are 100% convinced we are getting her fixed….ASAP haha I had never experienced a cat in heat before so all of the moaning and howling was completely new…and let’s just say I don’t want to experience it again!


The boots I ordered arrived!! I purchased these in the final sale section on, and was initially feeling guilty as…well I don’t NEED them….but after getting them on my feet I no longer feel the guilt. They are wonderful! So cute, and the perfect taupe/grey! I really am happy I got them! $30 instead of $100! YEAH!

My sister recently went on a trip to the east coast to visit family and sight-see, and she happened to spend some time in the Big Apple. She brought me home this ADORABLE Tiffany Blue sheer polkadot top! I absolutely love it! Perfect color for the spring/summer, and really fun! I don’t own anything polkadot right now, so this is a great addition to my closet! Loving this top SO much!


Now, for a couple things I am excited for in this next week:

– My Korres Pomegranate Cream-Gel Moisturizer should be here FINALLY! My car got broken into on the 3rd of July, and it was stolen, so I ordered a new one, and have been patiently WAITING for it to finally come

– It is my last week at my current job, and a week from today I start my new job!! SUPER excited for that!!!!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!

– I am attempting to re-create the delicious Pineapple Red Curry this week for a dinner. I haven’t made Thai food before, so this is completely new to me!

– I get to use up my vacation time this week that I accrued while working at my current job!


So, there you have it! A few things that were wonderful for me this past week, and some things I am looking forward to for this week! What about you? What is going on in your life that puts a little pep in your step? :)




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