Product Review: Orofluido Elixir

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I have over processed and extremely damaged hair. I have been working on getting it back to hydrated, beautiful locks….and it’s taking a while! One of the products I recently purchased to hydrate and nourish my hair is the Orofluido Elixir. I purchased the hair oil from Birchbox using some points I had saved up. The product arrived really quickly, and I eagerly started using it! Now, it is time to let you all know what I think about it!

I really like this hair oil! It combines Argan oil, Linseed oil and Cyperus oil to nourish and hydrate each strand. It smells really good, kind of like a mix between vanilla and amber. With hair oil of course, a little goes a long way, so don’t pour too much! I use this elixir after showering, when my hair is still damp. I put it mainly on my ends since they are the most damaged, (I’m finding split end after split end…it’s awful!) This product leaves my hair shiny, smelling good, and hydrated.


– smells amazing

– large bottle and a little goes a long way

– hydrates

– doesn’t leave your hair looking too oily

– seems to do a fairly good job of strengthening

– packaging is beautiful

– price is reasonable


– doesn’t tame frizz as much as I was hoping

– glass bottle is a little bit heavy

– a little on the thicker side…not yet sure if it’s a bad thing

Overall, I am glad I bought the Orofluido Elixir as it seems to do exactly what I was hoping! Hydrate, strengthen and nourish! I recommend it, and you can purchase it through

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