Birchbox [May 2012]

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This month’s Birchbox was featuring everything from the hit show Gossip Girl! I was really excited to receive my box- I have always loved the show and not just because of its shocking drama…but because of its beautiful fashion and glamour. I have a big passion for fashion ;) and this show takes place in the heart of the fashion capital of our nation! Birchbox partnered with the key individuals from the GG beauty department to bring everyone some fantastic products! Let’s take a look into my May Gossip Girl inspired box!

The first product I pulled out of my box was my favorite…The BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toilette spray. I immediately fell in LOVE. This perfume is incredible! It is a blend of wood and fruit notes, including tones of pear, lotus and bamboo. It is a clean scent but not TOO clean- it still feels feminine and glamorous. I very quickly used my entire sample, and am planning on purchasing this scent! Like I said, I absolutely LOVE it! Not to mention it’s packaging is beautifully designed with two interlocking rings. The scent was actually inspired by the luminescence of crystal….no need to say any more…I’m SOLD!

I then pulled out Fresh’s Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment with SPF 15. I was really happy to find this in my box, as I had heard or seen something about it during the weeks prior on Birchbox’s blog or Instagram. The packaging of this lip color is really pretty, sleek and elegant. The lid twists off, and you twist the lip color up. It actually goes on really smoothly, and the color is pretty sheer. It feels wonderful on your lips, sort of like a luxurious chapstick but better. I really enjoy the fact that it is not a ton of color, so you can wear it throughout the day without worrying if it’s fading badly, and also that it has SPF. I really like this lip treatment and when I run out I am sure I will purchase it, as I am an avid lip moisturizer. :)

The next product I found in my May Birchbox was the Kiehl’s Abyssine Cream+. This is a skin cream formulated for your face, neck and cleavage, made from the molecule Abyssine. Abyssine is often found in the Galapagos Islands in the ocean’s vents and is key in fighting and preventing wrinkles as well as softens skin damage and lines. The cream is filled with nutrients and vitamins that are super healthy for your skin, including but not limited to apricot kernel oil. This cream is apparently a best seller world-wide! It feels really good on your skin, hydrating but not oily. Deep enough hydration to feel like it is really doing it’s job, but light enough that it doesn’t weigh your skin down. It smells alright…not my favorite, but not bad at all. Overall it is a really great product and I really like the natural ingredients. However, I am not yet sure if I will purchase it as I am already really fond of my Korres products.

I then found Miracle Skin’s Transformer Body with SPF 20 in my box. I had no idea what this was in any way. I read the back of the bottle and was curious! It basically is like a tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 that is designed to be used all over your body. I like the idea, especially if you have an event….let’s say maybe a spring brunch or summer bash that you may be showing off some legs or arms…possibly more! To know that you are 1) hydrating 2) protecting and 3) covering/hiding blemishes is pretty cool! It goes on just like a tinted moisturizer you would use on your face…except for everywhere else! It smells just like sunscreen though….which is a bummer. I hate the smell of sunscreen, and would not want to smell like it all day. It’s one thing to smell like that at the pool…..another to smell like that at a dinner party…. Overall, a cool product, just wish it smelled better.

The last thing I found in my May Gossip Girl Birchbox was a little greeting card featuring the show’s well known tagline… “XOXO” Honestly, I was really genuinely disappointed this was in my box. It’s a cute idea I guess, however I have zero use for this. It will probably just go to recycling. I am not going to give someone a card that says XOXO….just kinda awkward and weird. They could have used the tagline in a better way.

Overall, I really loved May’s Birchbox! Gossip Girl is a really addicting show, and features incredible fashion and glamour! If you haven’t watched the show…you should…at LEAST one episode! Also, I highly recommend signing up for Birchbox! For $10 a month you can get a box filled with product samples that are catered to you and your beauty needs. Love getting my box of surprises every month!

In honor of Gossip Girl…



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