Obsession: Design Manicures

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This year has been full of geometric patterns, neons, fun colors and really featuring design in different ways. One of my favorite ways these styles have been implemented into fashion is through manicures. There have been so many different unique ways to bring some spunk to your nails, which are completely new to me. I remember in junior high playing around with polka dots or flowers on my nails, but nothing anywhere near as awesome as what is going on now! I have seen some design aspects on manicures this year that have been great, and some that are just overwhelming! I enjoy these little surprises of design in moderation, not all over. So for me, I would put these accents on just one nail on each hand for a minimal look.

My most recent design manicure was a Shellac UV Gel Manicure, where we did two full coats of pink and then two coats of gold at an angle on my ring fingers. I absolutely LOVED it! It was subtle enough that it wasn’t the first thing you noticed, but was different enough that when actually looking at my nails it was this fun accent! Now that my fiance and my engagement photoshoot is coming up next week, I am working on finding a new design manicure to implement!

Here are a few of my favorite design manicures this season:

What I love about this manicure is that it is subtle. I am obsessed with the color grey, its one of my favorite colors, which looks really nice on nails. I really like that the sparkles keep within the same color tones and are not overwhelming. It creates an obmbre look, which is completely hot right now….My hair is ombre ;) but this nail design in ombre looks incredible with the glittery accents. It’s not too much, yet just enough to be unique and pretty.

This manicure is similar to a reverse-moon effect, which I have yet to try, but it is really different. I like it because its sooo different, typically the gold crescent would be on the outer edge of the nail, mimicking a French manicure, but having it on the inside is something completely new. I have seen it done where the gold follows the moon of your nail, but this is like its upside down. There is just something about it that is appealing. I hope to try this soon, because it really is visually interesting.

What I love about this manicure is that the accent is only on one finger. I am completely in love with it. I’m not sure I would go for that much glitter, as it is really a LOT, but I like the concept. For a wedding it could be really fun! I am engaged and so accenting the ring finger is always a plus.. ;) gotta show off my sparkler! I would do this look in a more subtle way, maybe do a pink glitter that matches the other pink, or do two full coats of the pink with a clear glitter over top on the ring finger. I really like the accent it creates!

I like this manicure because it is a different take on the ombre. I like that the color scheme creates an ombre effect, but that they accomplish it by using a beautiful angle. I love these asymmetrical angles right now, and this just completely captures it for me. I again am not sure I personally would do this on every nail, but as an accent nail it would be fun. Overall a really cool and somewhat subtle look.

What kind of design manicure are you loving on this spring? Take a picture and show us!


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