Infinity Scarf for a Cause

Lifestyle, Obessions

I have had a fascination all fall and winter with infinity scarves. I have never owned one, but they look so warm and fun! I never got around to buying one for the cold seasons this year, but jumped on the opportunity to have one made by my friend Angelica! She started her own little etsy-like shop called Four Points Designs by AC, and custom makes scarves and other goodies. She was selling some in particular to raise money towards her pageant endeavors, and as I support the Miss America Organization and have participated in their pageants in the past, (which is how I initially met Angelica,) I was all too eager to finally get a gorgeous infinity scarf! The proceeds from the purchase went towards her participation in the Miss Eastside/Columbia Basin competition….hence why I quickly justified my purchase ;) I mean, come on, it is always good to have a REASON to justify why you bought something…. haha :)

I chose to get my scarf in a burgundy/rose color, which transitions really well with fall, winter and spring. I absolutely LOVE it! It’s a racket scarf pattern, and layers really nicely. The color brings warmth to my face and goes well with my skin tone. I’ve worn it a LOT the past month and am so happy with my purchase! I encourage you to take a look at her page and see what you like. She has some already made that you can purchase, or you can order one in a particular color. Infinity scarves are now my favorite!


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