Fabulous Find!

Lifestyle, Obessions

So, this weekend as I was enjoying some time on the internet, “window shopping,” I came across these GREAT Steve Madden wedges! These “Wisttle Peep-toe Booties,” in taupe are fantastic! Made of suede, have a cute zipper on the inside side and super comfortable. Unfortunetly, they are $99 at Macys, and currently on sale at $89….still quite a bit above my price range. I pinned them on Pinterest, but didn’t think I would ever get them….

(The photo above I was debating between the two shoes….love the mustard color but the taupe is more versitile, and the one’s I really wanted.) I made a run to Ross this afternoon to search for a tray table, as tomorrow is my fiance’s birthday and we do breakfast in bed. I didn’t find one, but decided I would take a peek through the shoe section just in case. I have found some really incredible Steve Madden’s there in the past, but honestly wasn’t expecting to find anything….LOW AND BEHOLD guess what I found??? The shoes!!!! I could NOT believe it! This NEVER happens!!! I got SO excited!! I tried them on and fell in love. They were $27, but I chose a pair that had a barely noticable blue smudge on them, and got 15% off! So, I got them for like $25! I still am in shock! I am not surprised that I found great shoes there, but more surprised that I found the pair I wanted!

I guess it goes to show that “thrifting,” can really pay off. Now, I’m a bit of a major germaphobe/clean-freak and so thrifting at real thrift stores freaks me out a bit. I’m not opposed to it for clothes that you can easily throw in the washer, but I refuse to purchase shoes etc that can’t really be thoroughly cleaned. I just can’t get over the germ aspect. Gives me goosebumps….in a bad way. lol. So, I tend to check Ross and TJ Maxx a LOT for shoes and bags etc. Ross can be pretty bad for clothes, they typically fall apart quickly due to low quality, but TJ Maxx’s clothes tend to hold up well. But both are GREAT for shoes! Don’t be afraid to check those places for steals of deals!


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