Academy Awards Part II

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One of my favorite parts about the awards season is the FASHION!! I just love watching the arrivals of the stars and seeing who they are wearing and picking my top outfits. Most awards I tend to have my top 3 but most definitely a top number one! However, with the 84th Annual Academy Awards, it was rather difficult to pick just one! I have to say there were a lot of great gowns and tuxes, but not really a show-stopper. There were not a lot of risks taken this time, and a lot more tasteful and sophisticated looks. None the less, I will do my best to go over my top looks for both men and women from this year’s Oscars!


This is Ellie Kemper wearing Armani Prive in copper. This gown is STUNNING!! I am normally not into all-over glitter like this, however this is just GORGEOUS!!! It is a perfect pairing with her hair color, not to mention beautifully structured! The earrings were a great addition in not being too over-stated, and her hair being pulled back was a perfect choice. Had her hair been down, it would have been too much, too much color and too much weight. Her bracelet, ring and clutch were simple which is great and picked up the lighter tones in her dress. That gown is a HUGE statement so pairing it with minimal pieces was a wise option. LOVED it!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still can’t stand Angelina Jolie, (she totally stole Brad from Jennifer grrr,) BUT this black velvet Atelier Versace gown is beautiful! I love how rich of a black it is in the velvet. Had this gown been done in a different fabric, I think I wouldn’t be drawn to it as much. The velvet just really gives it a rich depth that is just amazing. The slit is a very popular trend right now, and has been something Angelina Jolie has done in the past this year, so I’m not surprised she chose it. The structured top to the gown is what really makes it different. I love the combination of the structure, the slit and the velvet. She paired the gown with red lips and simple drop diamond earrings, which gave her an overall modernized classic glam hollywood look. (Which, we all know is my inner-fashion love.) However, her big faux paw for the Oscars was her ridiculous stances! She wanted to accentuate the slit, and so she constantly stood with her right leg completely out of the dress, several feet away from her body?! She looked ridiculous! She tried way to hard to show off, the slit is beautiful, but let us notice it naturally, not by you sticking your leg out as far as you can!

This is Stacy Keibler, (George Clooney’s girlfriend,) in a GORGEOUS gold lame’ Marchesa gown. In the past, Stacy has always chosen gowns that would not outshine her man, since afterall he is the star. However, this time, she really showed us she has great taste! This gown is to die for! The gold was a perfect choice, and it wasn’t too rich of a yellow gold. Had this dress been more of a yellow gold it would have been too much. The one shoulder that swept down was so effortlessly beautiful. The dress had enough structure to feel put together yet not enough to feel stiff. She really wowed everyone. Also, her choice to pull her hair to the side with soft waves was a great decision, as it opened the neck a bit and kept it from feeling heavy. (Still effortlessly glam!)

Now, Kelly Ripa chose an interesting gown for this year’s Oscars. (Very her though,) but quite simple and understated compared to a lot of the stars. She wore Carolina Herrera in this beautiful creamy yellow. I love this dress, and I’m not completely sure why. There is just something about the simplicity, the neckline, and the black at the waist that just captures me. I really really like it! The chiffon is so soft and flowy, and the neckline really creates a visually interesting detail. It fits her perfectly! She picked a great dress that is just different from what other’s were wearing.

I have quite a few other women who’s dresses I loved, but we will move on to the men. :)


Pharrell Williams, who helped produce the score for the Oscars presentation, looked dapper! I cannot find who he wore, but he looks incredible! I love the lapels with the silk edge, the bow tie (I’m a sucker for bow ties,) and the vest underneath. Best tux I’ve seen on the carpet in a while! Fits perfectly, and looks so comfortable in it. He looked HANDSOME!

George Clooney. Need I say more? Classic tux, but done well! LOVE IT! Fits him really well, the double button gives it a true hollywood feel. LOVE THIS! The wide lapels look good, they are fitting of his broad shoulders, had he gone with a thinner lapel it would have been too modern, and next to his girlfriend Stacy, he needed to have a classic look. The tux is a well-fitted but looser tux, which looks really nice, again classic.

Gary Oldman looks great next to his wife at the Oscars. This is a more modern take on the tux, with some classic holding true. The edges of his lapels pick up on the navy blue hints that are in the beading of his wife’s dress. Again, I love the vest underneath and the bow tie. This is a single button jacket which I think works well with the rich black and blue, and the looser fitting tux. Plus standing next to his wife in dark colors as well, the one button kind of opens it up a bit more, as they really are wearing just a lot of dark tones. But overall not just a great tux, but a great pairing together.


Miley Cyrus looks incredible in this long sleeved silver mermaid Roberto Cavalli gown! Her hair and lips give a classic hollywood feel, and the earrings I’m sure were heavy! Overall this is BEAUTIFUL!!! (Also that’s not a faux bob, she cut her hair recently) The dress is embroidered, has a chiffon skirt, and an open back (not pictured.) I surprisingly absolutely LOVE this gown! It is so glamorous and feels very classic hollywood. I typically don’t care for long sleeved gowns, but this is stunning! However, I can’t help but notice her teal nails…….I would recommend she should have done red to match her lips, or a neutral.

Selena Gomez looks grown up and stunning in this Dolce and Gabbana gown. I love the low neck and the fit of the gown! I feel like the gown is probably slightly heavy, due to the beading. The flow of the dress is really nice, it reminds me of the flapper style dresses. The open neckline is key on this dress, if it had a higher neckline it would feel really heavy. The wide and low v-neck really opens it up, keeps her face in focus without showing off the girls too much, but also encourages your eye to really see the flow of the dress.

And Sofia Vergara looks amazing in this Roberto Cavalli gown! Totally va-va-voom and her personal taste. LOVE THIS!!! Although, I think her earrings are a little much for such a heavily detailed gown and hair that is completely down. I would have suggested a simpler earring.

Those are my top picks for Oscar attire this year! What do you think?


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