Academy Awards Part I


Last night I watched the Academy Awards on ABC, and this is the first of two posts that I will be doing about the event. This first one is the most personal. While watching the Oscars, I was brought back to my artistic roots. I started my creative journey with theatre and film. I originally fell in love with the arts through intently watching films, and being engrossed in their magical stories and visions. I then transitioned to acting. I loved being in the spotlight, pretending to be someone else somewhere else. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I ventured into other artistic realms and discovered what I love to do. The Academy Awards brought back all of my emotion and love for film.

There is just something so magical about film. The translation of a script to the screen that is incredible and beautiful. The details in films are astounding, as they take you into another world, place and time, with people, characters, trees that speak, schools for wizards, dragons and elves. The beauty of film is that it takes a story, and it entices you and pulls you in. You feel as though you are involved, somehow connected and a part of what is going on. They make you smile, laugh, want to scream and cry. Film is a magical adaption of a story that is visually transposed.

I have always longed to be an actress, to be a part of a story, and to pretend to be someone else. However, at some point in my life I discovered the unlikelihood of that dream every taking place. Instead, I enjoy my time sitting in the somewhat uncomfortable chair, with the big screen in front of me and the rest of the world disappears. It is amazing how everything else just melts away, and for those several hours, I no longer am in Seattle, or even myself. I get to vicariously be in the story. I genuinely forget about the outside world, and time seems to fly past with no worries. I leave the theatre with thoughts and emotions running high for hours, thinking only of the film and feeling the pain, love etc. Actually, to be honest, in sad films, I tend to be depressed for several hours after the movie is over. I literally get sucked in, and my empathy takes over.

I have to say that film is one of the most beautiful forms of art because it encompasses so much. The actors must transform into the characters and really take on the role and back story, the sets must be believable, the costumes and makeup, the transitions and pauses, not to mention the editing, color grading, sound effects, sound track, camera shots, etc. A film is not a one step simple process, to create a beautiful film that resonates with the audience takes many individuals, teams, equipment, time and effort. One of my favorite films is, Atonement by Focus Features. I seem to be drawn to movies that tell a deep story, with gorgeous cinematography, editing, and really use sound and music as an element in the story. For instance, in Atonement, there is a typewriter sound that is carried throughout the film in various instances. You don’t notice it when you watch it for the first time as it is subtle, but its a nuance that is thought about and carefully carried throughout the movie.

My favorite studio is Focus Features, as they were created specifically for artistic films. My top few favorite movies were created by them, and it wasn’t until years later that I realized that. I naturally am drawn to their work. The scripts, screen plays, actors, editing etc all are so beautifully chosen and produced. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I highly recommend their adaptations of Atonement and Pride and Prejudice. (My top 2 favorite films.)

Sorry that this post has been a bit wishy-washy in format and flow. I just have sort of jotted this all down quite quickly!


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