My Passion in Life


Throughout the years it has been a challenge for me to figure out what my passion in life is, and a statement to live by. I spent my first year of college in 2007-2008 really focusing on who I am and where I am headed, while exploring different hobbies and activities. I was an intern with a nonprofit religious organization called Newlife and worked with the youth program each week. I took classes every Thursday with some other young adults, and really got to dive deep into who I am. Now, I had always thought I had a good idea as to who I am and my personality  etc, but these classes really opened my eyes to how much I was unaware and what was undiscovered.

The most impacting of the classes we took where the first three. First, we went through the Strength Finder 2.0 book, where we took a test and at the end it told us what our top 5 strengths are. Reading what they were was really interesting. I knew some of them, but others, as I was reading the descriptions and scenarios I realized, “oh my gosh! I do that!” and it dawned on me that it was true. My top 5 strengths are: empathy, developer, restorative, individualization, and adaptability. You can read more about what they are in the Strength Finder 2.0 book.

The second class was the Boundaries series. We went through the book called Boundaries, and I learned how to communicate in a healthy way. I continue to use phrases I learned like, “use your words,” and “clear, firm and respectful,” to myself when I am in sticky situations or need help communicating. This series was a life changing one for me. I never knew how important words are, and how communication is truly vital to healthy relationships and environments. The Boundaries series is something I live by on a daily basis.

The third, and most important series we went through was the Self-Purpose series, which was based on the Mormon book, (which is no longer in print.) Although I am not Mormon, the book is absolutely incredible! I wish I had a blank copy to have on file for down the line. When I have kids, and they are teens in late high school, I think it is something I will go through with them. It helps you go through the process of determining your mission statement for your life. I created one, and it has helped guide me through the years.

As I have gone through college, I now face myself determining who I am professionally. It is a big daunting task! There is so much that I want to accomplish in life and in my career, that I can’t possibly jot it all down. As I have been applying to jobs and interviewing, I re-discovered a quote from one of my favorite books that has taken on a deep meaning to me professionally. The book is called, Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller. It is a great read, and takes you through religion in a non-religious way. I felt like I was having a conversation with someone in a coffee shop, or traveling through his thoughts in his head. If you like very logical and structured books, you probably won’t enjoy it. However, it has been a favorite of mine for years.

“Within each of us rests the desire to do something bigger than ourselves, to accomplish something that will impact the world.” – Donald Miller

This quote so neatly sums up what I desire to accomplish with my professional career. I love that it doesn’t give the specifics of how I am going to do it, but just what the goal is. I want to leave my mark on the world. I want to leave the earth knowing that I have used my talents and skills in a way to make a difference in people’s lives, the community and the world. Whether that is by working with nonprofits, designing for great companies, or working for companies and organizations with give-back models, doesn’t matter. What matters is that I have that sense of fulfillment by impacting others. THAT is what I desire to do.

Of course, you all know that my deepest passion is event coordinating. I love the blend of creative and logistics. I enjoy taking a creative vision and making it come to life and seeing it through to completion. I love colors, textures, lights, sounds, smells, and cohesiveness. I enjoy watching others enjoy themselves, and providing an avenue in which they can be in awe and have a great time. For me, events perfectly blend my creative and artistic side with my methodical and logistical side. I am both creative and outgoing, and structured and professional. I cannot separate the two. It is who I am. With events, it sort of takes me back to my acting days, where I was on stage, being someone else, putting on a performance for others. I get to think about staging, lights, sound, projection, visual composition and more. I love transitions, and seeing different parts of events flow well, so that they are seamless and unnoticed. I get to think about the presentation, the details in how everything comes together, the branding, the deliverables, the decor, the marketing, everything! I LOVE IT!

For me, the most important thing in my professional career, is that I walk away knowing I made a difference.


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