I’m Marrying a Pinterest Celebrity

Creative, Design, Lifestyle, Obessions

I have talked about Pinterest previously on this blog, but just as a refresher for those of you who are new, or just haven’t gotten on the bandwagon yet! Pinterest is an online creative tool that is similar to a bulletin board, inspiration or a mood board. You can “pin” images you like and they link back to their original source. You can follow your friends and strangers and see what they are “pinning” and “liking.” It really is an awesome tool and time-sucker! I found out about Pinterest this past summer in June from my favorite graphic designer, Promise Tangeman. I very quickly introduced my fiance, Nathon, to the site as well as my mom and sister. Nate created an account, but used it solely for “creative purposes at work.” Somehow all of a sudden, he has over 104,000 followers?!

We of course we absolutely baffled by this and embarked on a journey to discover how on EARTH this happened! Let’s face it, he hardly used Pinterest…. unlike myself who happens to be pinning things on an unhealthy level. HA! The only solution I could come up with was that the members at Pinterest must have selected him as an example for one of his boards, and suggested him to new users. Well, his boss created the image above, and pinned it, and people started commenting! We were indeed correct in our assumption. Pinterest suggested they follow him when they were accepted. Unfortunately it is not due to his level of pinning, but to the quality of pins he has that fit the categories…..he was selected. Needless to say, I was slightly jealous…..was….er…..am. :) But I am happy for his success…his first major social networking success!! YAY!!!

We are in the process of creating and perfecting his blog and website, and he is really starting to have fun with it! His new phrase has been, “Pinterest…it’s not just for women.” HAHAHA!!! Gosh, I love him. Anyway, so be looking for him on Pinterest, and also for his upcoming blog! I mean, after all, he’s sort of a celebrity now, right? :)

……I am marrying a Pinterest Celebrity.


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