Top 5 from Pinterest

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If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, you are missing out! Pinterest is a great online tool that allows you to “pin” images and links to their original source on an online board, which you can share with the world and your friends. You can follow your friend’s boards and follow stranger’s boards as well. People can “repin” your “pins,” and you can do the same! You can “like” pins and comment on them too. It’s seriously amazing. It has been around for a year now, and I found out about it this past July, and have just been loving on it since. I even got my sister, mom and fiance on board! (Though my fiance uses it only for “artistic” inspiration, and instead I have a Men’s Fashion board for him on my account!) Pinterest has generated a lot of great ideas for my sister as she is a first-year teacher, and uses it to come up with projects, decorations, worksheets etc for her first graders! Seriously, Pinterest is amazing.


So I decided to share my top 5 favorite pins from Pinterest this week… Above, at the top of this post, is one of my favs. I love the textured fishtail braid (I miss being able to have one of those!!!) along with the bright coral orange lips! I could never pull that lip color off simply because of my skin tone and coloring, but gosh, its gorgeous! This pin really makes me miss my long hair!


This pin is from the Stella & Dot website! Its a Petra Braided Cuff, $98! I am in love with it! Feminine, yet still rough. I am debating on if it would be a good cuff bracelet for my wedding day…Might be a little bit TOO rough, but it’s just so perfectly me!


Loving on these gorgeous coral peep-toe pumps! This color is perfect for spring and summer and just draws attention! I wish I had these!


This dress is stunning!! I adore the criss-cross back! I wish I had the body structure to pull this kind of dress off, because it’s incredible! Not to mention the COLOR! LOVING on the jade tones this spring! (My wonderful fiance just bought me jade earrings for Valentine’s day btw)


These Miss Golightly earrings in fuschia are super cute! I would totally wear these! Again, I am loving on the corals, jades and mustardy-yellows this season! Teardrop shapes look best with my facial structure, and these are perfect! And, only $11! Too bad they are sold out :(


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