Beyond Belief


Some of you may know, I volunteered this past year with a nonprofit event in its founding year. The Miracle March took place on July 4, 2011 in Gig Harbor to raise money to send those with spinal cord injuries to a research center in Miami. There were over 200 individuals in attendance, and over $12,000 raised! This is incredible! This event started out as a dream for the founder, Patrick Lyn. He suffers from a spinal cord injury that he got while serving in the Dominican Republic a few years ago, and spent months in the hospital. While he was recovering and then starting physical therapy, he met many with similar injuries. He started dreaming of a way to help those who have similar spinal cord injuries, and to use his circumstance to make a difference. The Miracle March started to come together as this dream, and with the help of his friends, family and Newlife Gig Harbor, it became a reality.

I had the opportunity to serve as the event coordinator, and helped with the creative vision. Patrick worked hard to get everything done, and spoke all over the area to gain sponsors and support. There was a live local band, The Exchange, vendors, silent auction, entertainment, a local Murder Ball league, and more. Everyone came together to make it happen and accomplish Patrick’s goals. The main attraction at the event was that supporters would walk with Patrick around the track at the park, which is a VERY large feat for him to undertake! Everyone was encouraged to go at their own pace, as it is still a challenge for him to actually walk a great distance. Once everyone finished, they were given food and drinks, as well as items were raffled off, given away and more. The event was a complete success!

This year, we are looking at doing the Miracle March again, but forming a 501c3 called Beyond Belief. This registered nonprofit will encompass the Miracle March and more. Patrick will be able to speak publicly at locations and schools as a motivational speaker, as well as we can continue to run the Miracle March and form other fundraisers and events. This is a huge undertaking and adventure, but a great one! I was brought on as the event coordinator and marketing representative, and am currently working on the branding, website and marketing materials. Our first public appearance takes place next week on January 18, 2012! Patrick will be speaking at Cedar Heights Jr. High in Port Orchard! This is exciting and a big step! Stay tuned for updates and information!


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