Excited! Our Newest Adventure!


This is a video my fiance made of a non-profit event that the Seattle MADD group put on.

So, my fiance, Nathon, and I are embarking on a new adventure together! We are really excited, and slightly petrified, but we are going to take a leap and go for it! We are happy to announce that we are going into business together! We are starting up a company, (no name yet,) that revolves around events. We will offer services such as photography, videography, coordination, marketing, and design. We haven’t yet decided on an official name, which is a big hurdle for us at the moment. However we are starting the planning as far as equipment, materials, marketing strategy, etc.

We decided to start a business together for several reasons. 1) Nathon has always wanted to own his own company 2) I have always longed to work with my “future husband” aka: I now know is Nathon 3) Our skill sets and talents go well together and overlap 4) We are young and are eager to start something together for our future!

We work well together as a team and are excited to officially work together, since we naturally do that anyway. I would be the one working with the coordinating, marketing designing and some photography, and Nathon will be working with the video, motion graphics, photography and some design. So we both work on some things together, while we each have our separate talents that is unique to us individually. We compliment each other and so the business will reflect that.

We are still in the very very early stages of this, so it will be a while before we get it off the ground and running. But we are very excited and eager to get it started!


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